Jordan Williams Looking to Inspire in Debut at UFC Fight Island 4 — And Score a Knockout

Recent DWCS signee ready for historic UFC Fight Island debut.

Jordan Williams was signed to his dream job, the “hot girl asking him to prom” as he puts it, exactly eighteen days ago. The middleweight earned a contract after an impressive first round finish over BJJ black belt Gregory Rodrigues on the Contender Series. In just under 48 hours, Williams will make his walk to the coveted octagon for the first time, against Dagestan born Nassourdine Imavov. Williams believes it’ll be a tough night for the Russian born fighter if he chooses to move forward against Williams.

“He will be running, I’ve seen his fights,” Williams told Cageside Press ahead of the bout. “I like to go forward, he likes to go backwards. Even though our equations match, my equation is more like calculus and his is algebra,” Williams continued. “If he’s smart he won’t stand with me, try to mix it up, but if they are also smart they’d know an eight time Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion grappler had nothing on me.”

Notably, Williams has never shied away from his type one diabetes diagnosis. Finding out he was diabetic all the way back in his teenage years, at 29 Williams continues the battle — only now, with far more people in his corner. As noted in an article on, Dr. Craig Perlman of New York made a generous donation of top tier insulin to Williams which should benefit him for months to come. Williams is more than grateful, and for a man who has been told by doctors “you can’t do this” for over a decade, he admits it feels good to be an inspiration for so many others.

“Craig Perlman, you’re the man,” Williams stated. “Shout out to him and his nephews Dean and JD, I promised a shout-out. This was insulin I was never able to afford, I have health insurance and it would still cost 400$ a month,” Williams continued. “He [Perlman] told me he has another one coming in 3 or 4 months when this one runs out.”

Williams had a message for all of those fans he hasn’t had the chance to respond to on direct message as so many have come through.

“Part of the reason I was given diabetes is because I’m strong enough to deal with it,” Williams stated powerfully. “Let me be your voice of reason, you can do it, not a maybe it’s a you can. Carry my story to the next doctor’s office who tells you you can’t play tennis or volleyball and tell him this guy is a UFC Fighter. Tell your doctor to shut the f*ck up, so much passion comes out of me, every doctor my whole career has told me to not fight.”

When asked for his prediction, Williams was brief: “a knockout.”

Jordan Williams makes his UFC debut this weekend at UFC Fight Island 4. The passion in his story carries into the cage with him each time he makes that walk, and on Fight Island it will be no different. Catch the full interview ,above where Williams speaks on DWCS, his insane sleep schedule for Yas Island and much more.