Conor McGregor Hints at Pacquiao Boxing Match, Manny’s Camp Confirms

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor Credit: Idris Erba/Mayweather Promotions

In a string of tweets including private texts between himself and UFC President Dana White, Irish star Conor McGregor has managed to steal the spotlight once again. Ahead of Saturday’s UFC 253, McGregor revealed that he had campaigned for several fights prior to his “retirement” earlier this year — and announced a boxing match with the legendary Manny Pacquiao.

Among the revelations, McGregor (22-4) expressed interest in a fight with Diego Sanchez in Dublin. To which White responded that “we should lose our promoters license if we make that fight.” The exchange, which came prior to the coronavirus pandemic, came sometime after Sanchez’s DQ win over Michel Pereira. The original Ultimate Fighter winner has frequently campaigned for a shot at McGregor, as recently this week.

In that same conversation with White, McGregor also expressed interest in a fight with Justin Gaethje. While he did not want to serve as a “step in” for the UFC 249 fight with Tony Ferguson and Gaethje, he was interested in the UFC building a card around his return. McGregor was also open to fighting in Brazil, with the UFC President insisting on a July date in the U.S.

McGregor clearly had hopes of fighting sooner.

“I was pushing hard for the season,” McGregor wrote in yet another tweet. “Multiple opponents, multiple dates offered throughout. All to take place back to back. Then when covid hit and the talk was that I would have to wait for crowds again, I walked away from the situation. I was waiting long enough at that stage.”

And then the bombshell, if true: “Anyway all water under the bridge who gives a fook. I’m boxing Manny Pacquiao next in the Middle East.”

While McGregor has been known for all sorts of interesting tweets about wanting to fight various opponents, it’s worth noting that he practically willed a fight with Floyd Mayweather into existence. Which turned out to be the second biggest PPV of all time in 2017.

And in this case, McGregor’s claims appear to be well-founded. In a statement to ESPN, Pacquiao’s assistant confirmed that “the negotiation between the camp of Senator Pacquiao and McGregor is now starting to move on.” Jayke Joson added that “Again, as what our senator says, all his fights are dedicated for the welfare and unity of all Filipinos including this one.”

“For the sake of all the Filipino Covid-19 victims, Senator Manny Pacquiao will be fighting UFC superstar Conor McGregor next year. The huge portion of his earnings will proceed to those who are affected nationwide by the pandemic.”

Despite that positive statement, it is not believed that the boxing match is official just yet.