Weekly MMA Prospect Report: European Talent in Abundance

Jack Cartwright
Jack Cartwright (left) Credit: Cage Warriors

Cage Warriors 115 | Friday | UK

Bantamweight, Jack Cartwright (8-0)

Jack Cartwright had a huge 2019 getting four wins, signing with Cage Warriors, and winning the Cage Warriors title. Last September Cage Warriors held a one-night four-man tournament. Among the names, Cartwright was the biggest underdog and won with two first-round knockouts. Cartwright has been wrestling since the age of five and has a background as a former ABA boxer. Cartwright just recently began showing his striking; with his power and timing he’s just as good as he is as a grappler. The Brit is a good wrestler and more of an exceptional grappler. He’s got a very dangerous guillotine and d’arce he’s finished with a few times. He fights Gerardo Fanny (9-1).

Bantamweight, Adam Wilson (5-0)

There is a lot to like about Adam Wilson. On the feet, he’s super technical. He has good long straight punches, a good one-two, and excellent body work. Wilson stays actice throwing combinations and is always throwing something. And while his striking is very good, he’s much better on the mat. Wilson has very strong grappling, he thrives in scrambles, has a dangerous submission game, and will pound you out. His takedown defense lacks but he does well getting out of positions. He fights Weslley Maia (5-4).

Welterweight, Ian Garry (3-0)

Among all the top prospects from the UK/Ireland, Ian Garry stands out as the future. He fights for the Cage Warriors promotion which is the best organization out of the UK/Ireland. In his young career, Garry has already proven to be extremely well rounded, fought through adversity, and has already improved greatly. He fights George McManus (2-1).

Fight Nights Global 98 | Friday | Russia

Welterweight, Dmitry Bikrev (12-3)

After three early setbacks, Bikrev is now on a seven-fight win streak and is the current FNG champ. In the standup department, he doesn’t care to set his feet and throws caution to the wind, frankly not caring much for defense as well. On top, unleashing ground and pound is what he does best. Bikrev will posture up and land nasty ground strikes and will unload the entire time. He fights Shamil Amirov (4-1-1).

Oktagon 16 | Saturday | Czech Republic

Light heavyweight, Csaba Hocz (7-2)

I’m not sold on Hocz due to some glaring holes and the fact he’s fought poor competition. The problem with him is that he holds his hands low and is quite easy to hit. He has some poor takedown defense but he wants it on the mat so he’s content with it. In fact, he has a dangerouns triangle off his back. Hocz has also finished with a RNC, a straight kneebar, and an ezikel choke. Only 24 so there is potential. He fights Alexander Poppeck (10-3) which is his biggest test to date.

Cage Warriors 116 | Saturday | UK

Welterweight, Mason Jones (9-0)

Undefeated Mason Jones fights out of Blaenavon, Wales, and is a nice prospect at only 25-years old. Jones is a good wrestler who has some very well-timed level changes and is very good at taking the back where he has two rear-naked chokes. Jones’ grappling is good in general but his ground-and-pound is also a difference-maker. On the feet, Jones is always going to be in your face pushing you against the fence, landing knees, and lethal elbows in the clinch. He’s always aggressive, throwing a lot of volume, and really has solid cardio with the pace he brings. He fights Adam Proctor (12-1).

Welterweight, Adam Proctor (12-1)

Proctor has beat good fighters but I think his lack of killer instinct has canceled that out a bit. Proctor is well-rounded being able to strike and wrestle. He’s a better wrestler who times takedowns well. He could be more aggressive on top though. Proctor has good distance management with a laser right hands and good kicks. He has the skills to go a long way but needs some sharpening around the edges. He fights Mason Jones (9-0).

Lightweight, Paul Hughes (5-0)

Hughes has looked stellar in his pro career and although he only has four fights he has the skills of an established fighter. Hughes has three TKO’s and two submissions as he’s very well-rounded. On the feet, Hughes has good boxing. The accuracy and shot selection is there and so is some big power. He’s an even better wrestler and has exceptional grappling. Hughes looks like the real deal. He fights Aidan Stephen (7-2).

Lightweight, Kieran Lister (6-0-1)

Lister is a karate fighter who will fight off his back foot but mainly a counter striker anyway. He has stopping power in his hands and has some tricky kicks in his arsenal. Watch for his uppercut as well as that seems to be one of his biggest things to throw. Not fully sold on him but there is some potential. He fights Tom Mearns (6-4).