DWCS 2020 Week 7 Breakdown and Predictions

Korey Kuppe Credit: Tapology

Welterweight: Michael Lombardo vs. Korey Kuppe

Tale of the Tape

Michael Lombardo
74″ Reach
Jupiter, Florida, US
American Top Team
10-2, 1 NC

Korey Kuppe
75″ Reach
Macomb, Michigan, US
Macomb Martial Arts

Pros and Cons

Michael Lombardo


  • Good grappling
  • Good chain wrestling
  • Solid timing on his takedowns
  • Good wrestling


  • TDD needs work
  • Pace slows as the fight goes
  • Needs work off his back

Korey Kuppe


  • Submission threat
  • Good off his back
  • Decent kicks
  • Good jiu-jitsu


  • Holds hands low
  • Is too comfortable off his back
  • Is wreckless coming forward
  • Poor TDD
  • Chin in the air

Who has the advantage?

Striking: Lombardo
Speed: Kuppe
Output/Volume: Kuppe
Knockout Power: Lombardo
Chin: Lombardo
Kickboxing: Kuppe
Footwork: Lombardo
Wrestling: Lombardo
Grappling: Kuppe
Submissions: Kuppe
Cardio: Kuppe


The way I see this fight going down, is Lombardo getting takedowns — but then having to avoid submissions in the guard of Kuppe. The striking of Lombardo isn’t all that great but the flaws in Kuppe may have him look better than expected. Kuppe has a good chance of getting the takedown, taking the back, and finishing with the rear-naked choke. The outcome I’m going with is Lombardo picking away on the feet and getting takedowns. I do think Lombardo can avoid being subbed as he did go all three rounds with Kyle Daukaus, who is a much better submission grappler.

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