Sidney Outlaw Discusses “Humbling” Split Decision Win at Bellator 244

Uncasville, CT — Sidney Outlaw doesn’t believe his win over Adam Piccolotti was a split decision. But at the same time, following Bellator 244, he referred to the outcome as “humbling.” More than once.

Speaking to media outlets including Cageside Press, Outlaw (15-4) insisted that the fight was “definitely was not a split decision. Definitely was not.”

However, he added that “it taught me a lesson. I didn’t think he was that strong.” Outlaw had worked with welterweights and middleweights in preparation for the lightweight fight. His motto, in essence, is “train hard, fight easy.”

As it turned out, it wasn’t an easy night at the office. “That was a really humbling fight. I did not expect everything I saw from Piccolotti.”

Outlaw admits that he walked into the fight with a certain amount of arrogance. “People crumble from my pressure. He didn’t. He walked out every round. It was different.”

The fight was Outlaw’s first split decision win (he did have a split decision loss earlier in his career, to Gregor Gillespie). “Maybe it’s because I’m not that good looking. ‘I feel like I’m gonna vote for the pretty boy,'” he joked. “Ray Charles could have saw that [Outlaw won],” he added.

Again, it was a humbling experience, Outlaw reiterated. Although it’s at least in part on him, for letting it go the distance. “You can’t let it go to the judges. I hate that,” said Outlaw. “And if you do go the distance, it’s got to be a dominant performance. Always. Got to be dominant. That was my first humbling split decision.”

Watch the full Bellator 244 post-fight press conference with Sidney Outlaw above.