Bellator 242: Aaron Pico Thankful for Jackson-Wink MMA, Ready to Get Back to His Horses

Aaron Pico Bellator 242
Aaron Pico Credit: Joe McDonagh/Cageside Press

Pico fighting patient but knockout hunger still there after Bellator 242 victory.

Aaron Pico had a dominant victory over Solo Hatley Jr. at Bellator 242, and it ended with a first round submission. Of note, this was Pico’s first submission victory in his young career. During the broadcast’s post fight interview, “Big” John McCarthey compared it to a “GSP Like” performance from the featherweight prospect. Pico believes patience has been a key in his recent fights.

“Patience for me is everything” Pico said, speaking to Cageside Press and other media outlets backstage at the Mohegan Sun Arena. “You look at the losses I have, when I’m in trouble I’ve been so fixated on the knockouts. I’ll never lose my killer instincts to knock people out that is always part of me, but it’s about timing, I’ve got to be patient and showcase my skills.”

Solo Hatley Jr. is the same age as Pico, and was previously 8-2 in his career before the first round loss. Pico is now 6-3 and as with any hype train that flows through the world of MMA, Pico continues to carry those losses on his shoulders. Still, he gladly carries those defeats with pride, as they have helped grow his career.

“I don’t think I’d be the martial artist I want to be if I don’t have those losses” Pico stated. “They are behind me, they are in the past but they are part of my career. I thank coach [Greg] Jackson and everyone who has helped me grow since those losses.”

For those who don’t follow Pico, the very few of you, Pico has a strong love for MMA but an even stronger love for his horses. At media day he said the loves of his life are MMA, his horses, his girlfriend and his dog. That he doesn’t do much else besides train and spend time with his two horses.

“I can’t even form a sentence I’m so excited to see them” Pico laughed following his win Friday. “For sure first thing, I’ll do that my whole life. For the rest of my life, when I retire. I’ll be breeding horses for the rest of my life.”