UFC Fight Island 2 Results: Grant Dawson Earns Dominant Win Over Nad Narimani

Grant Dawson (right) launches a flying knee at Nad Narimani, UFC Fight Island 2
ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - JULY 19: (R-L) Grant Dawson launches a flying knee against Nad Narimani of England in their bout during the UFC Fight Night event inside Flash Forum on UFC Fight Island on July 19, 2020 in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Grant Dawson picked up a very dominant win over Nad Narimani on the UFC Fight Island 2 preliminary card.

England’s Nad Narimani looks to get back to his winning ways when he takes on Grant Dawson on the UFC Fight Island 2 preliminary card.

Narimani, a former Cage Warriors featherweight champion, had a good head of steam built up upon arriving in the UFC. After two wins to start his tenure with the promotion, however, he was finished in his last bout by Mike Grundy.

Dawson is in a similar position to where Narimani was not too long ago. Six straight wins, including three in the UFC so far. Yet not getting the respect he felt he deserved.

To start, Dawson came out quick with leg kicks and followed it up with a takedown attempt that Narimani was able to defend. Narimani looked to get off with his hands while Dawson continued to work the kicks, but Narimani landed with power first and dropped Dawson to the mat. Dawson got right back up and landed a hard flying knee that forced Narimani to clinch; Dawson then landed a trip on Narimani. Working from Narimani’s guard, Dawson landed shots to the body and elbows, while he transitioned to mount then to the back of Narimani and worked for the choke. Narimani for his part defended well and survived the round from half guard

Narimani came out strong in the second, with kick to a flying knee he threw out that looked to have staggered Dawson. Dawson recovered quickly and opened up with kicks.  Dawson ended up on top again and worked from half guard. Dawson landed multiple punches to the body and head of Narimani. Dawson kept very active and mixed up the pace of the strikes until Narimani exploded to escape but Dawson took his back and again worked for the choke. Narimani defended but Dawson looked to have got the choke in for a moment before he gave up on the attempt. Dawson then went to working shots to the body of Narimani that looked to open him up again for another choke attempt. Narimani defended well enough to make it to the bell.

A touch of gloves and round three started. Both men looked to take control on the feet with Narimani using his movement, but Dawson kept looking to land that knee. Dawson now moved forward but Narimani countered with combinations. Dawson fired back with a calf kick followed by a knee before he shot in for the takedown that Narimani stuffed. Dawson continued to moved forward and Narimani for his part looked to counter and kept moving. Dawson continued to land the calf kick and looked for the knee when Narimani would move in looking to land. Narimani landed solid straight right that stopped Dawson’s advance for a moment but he came back with a body kick followed by another calf kick. Narimani stuffed another takedown attempt from Dawson then rushed forward with little time left in the round. He landed multiple shots and for a moment it looked like Dawson might have wilted under fire but it was too little, too late and the round came to and end.

At the very least, Grant Dawnson may finally have got some respect on his name.

Official Result: Grant Dawson def. Nad Narimani by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 29-27)