UFC Jacksonville Results: Glover Teixeira Delivers Throwback Performance, Dominates Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith and Glover Teixeira, UFC Jacksonville
Anthony Smith and Glover Teixeira Credit: Youtube/UFC

Glover Teixeira rolled back the clock at UFC Jacksonville, overwhelming Anthony Smith en route to a fifth-round stoppage.

The main event of UFC Jacksonville had been transplanted from April’s UFC Lincoln. In it, Nebraska’s own Anthony Smith looked to continue the journey back to title contention, against another former title challenger, Glover Teixeira. For his part, Teixeira was on the best streak since prior to his own title challenge against Jon Jones, back in 2014.

Of course, both men had to cope with preparing for this main event during a pandemic. Smith, however, had the added distraction of a home invasion incident in early April. A lot to contend with, while preparing to fight at the highest level.

Anthony Smith had the upper hand in terms of speed in the early going, landing a stiff right hand on Teixeira. Teixeira tried to close the distance with a combination, but couldn’t reach Smith. Smith landed another combination, but Teixeira was able to get close enough to land a few of his own. The Brazilian continued the pursuit, but a body punch went below the belt and action was stopped. Smith took his time before eventually giving the go-ahead to resume the action. He cracked Glover with another right, who answered with a combination that sprinkled in kicks. A left hand sent Smith backward and Smith kept his distance with a front kick at the end of the round.

Smith began the second round with a steady jab. Teixeira answered with a few leg kicks. The jab kept pumping for Smith, but Glover closed the distance and landed a combination. Smith began to open up with straight rights that were on the money. A huge right hand shut the eye of Teixeira, who responded with an outburst of strikes. A head kick caused Smith to cover up along the fence as Glover unloaded with punches. Smith seemed to lose a step after Glover rocked him. Teixeira stayed on Smith and was able to win the round effectively.

Glover went to the leg kick then the body to start the third round, which Smith caught to bring Glover down, albeit briefly. Glover was able to get up and damage Smith with a punch that may have got him in the eye. As Smith backed up, Glover nailed him with an uppercut followed by an overhand left that sent Smith to the canvas face-first. Teixeira jumped on and continued to land blows, but the referee allowed the bout to continue. Teixeira switched to seeking a submission, allowing Smith to recover. The punches continued endlessly until the end of a dominant round for Teixeira.

Teixeira stayed on him, landing a massive uppercut at the start of the round. Smith covered up, absorbed some shots, then fired some elbows. A big knee and several uppercuts caused a desperation takedown effort for Smith, who took his back. Teixeira continued landing strikes then let Smith back up. Teixeira cracked him again and brought him down. Just a one-sided performance for Teixeira.

The fight could have been rightfully stopped in between rounds, but it was not. Smith came out one more time and was quickly sent to the canvas. Teixeira mounted him and delivered the finishing blows, finally.

Glover Teixeira def. Anthony Smith by TKO (Punches) in Round 5 (1:04)