Dana White Securing a Private Island, Keeps UFC 249 Location Secret

Dana White
Dana White Credit: Rodney James Edgar/Cageside Press

While the mainland venue for UFC 249 remains a secret, UFC President Dana White tells TMZ Sports that he is close to securing a private island to host international fights as well.

UFC President Dana White, amidst the backdrop of a global pandemic, claims he not only has a venue for UFC 249 but also that he is “a day or two” away from securing a private island to host international fight cards.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, White claims that he is close to securing a private island where he can fly in the international fighters on the roster to compete as he can not get all of them into the United States.  White said in the interview that he has planes to bring everyone in and that he is taking precautions to protect fighters and staff before, during, and after the event.

In regards to UFC 249, which will not take place on the island, White claims he has the venue secured “for two months” and is looking to “set up shop.”  While he stopped short of revealing where this location was, he did go on to declare: “As of April 18, the UFC is back up and running.”  Earlier on Monday, the promotion announced the full line-up for UFC 249.

While play in the greater sporting world of the United States remains suspended, some entertainment events have continued to go on over the past month.  Most notably, the WWE continues to put on weekly shows behind closed doors at their headquarters in Florida and this past weekend successfully held their annual stacked Wrestlemania event that aired over the course of two nights.