FLA 1’s Jesse Arnett Expects Crazy Fans in Nova Scotia for First East Coast Fight

Jesse Arnett
Jesse Arnett Credit: Hard Knocks FC

Jesse Arnett had been flirting with a UFC contract prior to a pair of recent setbacks. But the Canadian has long been fighting the best talent on Canada’s regional scene. This weekend, he takes on Adam Burke MacDougall at FLA 1. It goes down Saturday, February 8 for Fight League Atlantic’s inaugural event. The night of fights will take place in Truro, Nova Scotia at Rath Eastlink Community Centre. This is one of the most notable fights you can put together for the Canadian bantamweight scene; one of the biggest bouts you can book among the great white north’s 135 lb-ers.


Arnett did not have the best run of luck in 2019 as far as fights staying together. Fights were booked with TKO and XFFC but outside circumstances resulted in those bouts being scrapped.

“I’m definitely excited for sure to get back in there,” Arnett told us ahead of his first bout of 2020. “I grew up wrestling. We got to compete every weekend it seems. With the fight game, if one fight falls out, two fights fall out, then all of a sudden you’re only fighting once a year. I’m happy to get back in there. Nova Scotia, Truro I’ve never been there. I’ve never been that far East. I’m excited to get out there. I’m excited for the match-up.”

Arnett continued, adding that “I would love to compete out East as long as I can. Right now it was timing and circumstances. Like you mentioned, XFFC had fallen out as well as TKO. And now I had seen that FLA had a show… I know Kent Peters on the East coast. I reached out to him, he reached out to the owner of the company, they reached out to me, and after a couple days we made things work.”

Jesse Arnett

Big Cat‘s opponent this weekend is someone that he has had on his radar for a meaningful period of time. “I was actually trying to fight Adam on Unified [MMA]. Sunny [Sareen, Unified MMA President] was trying to pull that together last minute and it didn’t happen,” Arnett revealed. “So I’ve had this Adam kid on my radar for half a year I think.”

As far as his thoughts on his next opponent, Arnett said “I think he’s good. Well we’re going to find out February 8. If he can beat me then he’s good. Styles make fights. I’m well rounded. I think his kicks are better than his punches. I think he’s going to be really strong when you get him in a body lock or get a hold of him. Definitely leaving things spazzy and strong. I just gotta watch that front switch kick. I’m southpaw too. My left hand can come down the middle all night.”

As far as what his preparations are ahead of this prizefight, it’s still all about working with the best in the west. “Louie Grover, Jake Peacock, my boy Johnson. Everybody at Bowmont. My friends at Tilt MMA,” Arnett said, rattling off a list of those who helped him prepare. “It’s a team effort here in Calgary as always.”

Big Cat

When he’s not fighting, Arnett does snow removal and business has been good this season. Aside from clearing out the streets of Calgary, Arnett looks to clean up on the Canadian bantamweight scene in 2020.

“I should be going February 8th, March 13th, and then May 8th,” Arnett stated. “Everything can turn around if I can get a three-fight win streak. Imagine having a three-fight win streak by May? I can’t complain about last year. Last year was the first year in my whole career since 2011 that I went winless.”

Arnett continued, “First-year since 2011 I went winless. That’s unacceptable. I’ve been sitting on fifteen wins for almost two years now this May. I should have twenty-two wins by now. Even if I am fighting on the regional scene. It’s nice to be able to get active, not get held up in a contract, and I’m excited for the East coast. Tristan Connelly told me they’re crazy out there. They’re crazy fans and they do a good show.”