UFC Raleigh: Angela Hill Gunning for Most Active Fighter Record

Raleigh, NC — Angela Hill once again stepped in as a replacement opponent in her latest outing. Against Hannah Cifers at UFC Raleigh, Hill replaced Brianna Van Buren. A second round TKO over the hometown favorite (Cifers is a North Carolina native) gave Hill her first win streak in two UFC stints.

“It’s really tough, because I’ve had a lot of fights where I thought I won, and I ended up getting the loss,” she told reporters including Cageside Press following the bout at the PNC Arena on Saturday. “And then I’ve had a lot of close decision losses where I was like, ‘I probably could’ve done a little more, I probably could’ve gone for a take down, I probably could’ve done this and that.’ And I always know that I have the skills but a lot of the times it’s just a matter of pulling the trigger, and I finally said f*ck it.”

Hill had a moment of clarity last year, where she realized she needed to go harder. “I think it was the Randa Markos fight. In February last year, I was dwelling on this one submission that I saw her get on TUF that I got submitted with in training,” she recalled, “and I was just like ‘what if she does it? What if she does it?’ And I hesitated in every moment of that fight and I ended up getting arm-barred.” Afterward, said Hill, “I felt like I almost willed it to happen because I was so worried about this one thing.”

Impressively, starting from that Markos fight in March 2019, Hill has competed five times. That’s awfully close to the record in the UFC. “So this year, I’m gunning for it,” she told reporters. “I’ve told my husband that next year I’m going to be in shape all year round. I’m taking every fight, every short notice fight, every match-up they give me. I’m saying yes to everything, I’m not going to turn anything down.”

Watch the full UFC Raleigh post-fight press scrum with Angela Hill above!