UFC Raleigh Results: Angela Hill Finishes Hannah Cifers from Mount

Hannah Cifers and Angela Hill, UFC Raleigh
Hannah Cifers and Angela Hill, UFC Raleigh Face-Off Credit: Bryson Hester/Cageside Press

Angela Hill took over in the second round of her fight with Hannah Cifers, earning a TKO finish in their UFC Raleigh meeting.

The soft-spoken Hannah Cifers, and the boisterous Angela Hill is an interesting enough study in personalities. On Saturday at UFC Raleigh, however, the strawweight pair were scheduled for a main card fight.

For Cifers, who does nearly all of her talking in the cage, the bout was a chance to win three straight in the UFC. As an added bonus, it was a hometown fight for her. Hill, meanwhile, was once again serving as a replacement fighter, stepping in for Brianna Van Buren.

As strawweights so often do, the pair started at a relatively quick pace to open the affair. Not a brawl, but both women were active, constantly moving and throwing when the opening was there. Cifers mixed in some kicks; Hill went to the body at times. Cifers managed to connect a number of times, but range was an issue, with Hill the longer fighter.

Incredibly, Hill made Cifers appear even more diminutive in the cage. Cifers heart, however, is as big as any fighter, and she was happy to go toe-to-toe with Hill. Cifers began sitting back and counter-striking. As the round wore on the pace seemed to pick up. Hill would land a spinning back fist just before the buzzer.

Round two saw Hill earning an early takedown off a knee. She was quickly set up in side control. From there ‘Overkill’ moved to mount, where she was able to drop some nasty looking elbows. More ground n’ pound followed. Cifers held on for dear life. Tried to buck Hill off. But Hill had a high, heavy mount. Cifers wound up cut open. A little more offense from Hill, and the ref had seen enough. He waved it off, and Angela Hill had the TKO win.

Official Result: Angela Hill def. Hannah Cifers by TKO, Round 2, 4:26