UFC 246 Results: Holly Holm Gets Much-Needed Win Against Raquel Pennington

Holly Holm and Raquel Pennington, UFC 246
Holly Holm and Raquel Pennington, UFC 246 media day Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

UFC 246’s co-main event saw Holly Holm getting a much-needed win against Raquel Pennington by unanimous decision.

The UFC 246 co-main event seemed like an afterthought in many ways. Vastly overshadowed by Conor McGregor vs. Cowboy Cerrone in the main event, Holly Holm vs. Raquel Pennington 2 was simply… there. A rematch that no one had particularly been salivating for, a fight that wasn’t about the grant either woman a title shot.

But make no mistake, Holm vs. Pennington 2 had the possibility to move either Holm or Pennington back into the mix at least. Holm was fresh off a loss to Amanda Nunes last Summer, while Pennington had bounced back from her own loss to the champ (and a subsequent defeat at the hands of Germaine de Randamie) by earning a close decision against Irene Aldana.

Holly opened the fight by throwing some low kicks, and Rocky countered with a nice right hand. Pennington came forward with pressure, as Holly is content to keep her back to the cage. Rocky charged in with a right hand and Holm looked for the takedown. Holm threw some knees to the body and kept the fight in the clinch up against the fence. Rock went to turn Holly’s back to the fence, but Holm had a clear strength advantage. Rocky went for the takedown at the end of the round but couldn’t get it.

Rocky was kind of reckless as she jumped in on Holm. Holm countered and got the fight against the cage. Holm got underhooks against the fence and threw some knees. Rocky attempted to reverse and got the fight up against the fence but Holm reversed and landed a combination. Holm then drove Pennington to the fence and kept the fight there for a while. Pennington then shot in to get the fight to the fence, but the end of the round came.

Holm shot in with a left hand to start the round. Pennington landed a nice right hand and Holm got on her bike and started moving. Holm tried for the clinch, but Rocky shrugged her off. Rocky bullrushed Holm to the fence and Holm immediately reversed position. They separated off the cage and Holm threw some flashy kicks to the delight of the crowd. Rocky landed a left hand but couldn’t follow up. Rocky landed a nice right and Rocky briefly got the fight to the ground, but Holm recovered and turned the tables, putting Rocky’s back to the fence. The referee got them off the cage after some inactivity and Holly landed a great combination. Rocky landed a clean left hand, but the damage was done, the fight came to a close.

Holly Holm def. Raquel Pennington by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)