Bellator Japan — Powered by RIZIN Post-Liminary Results

Bellator Japan Powered by RIZIN
Credit: Bellator MMA

Bellator Japan was a bit of a tricky one to schedule. Due to the 14-hour time difference between Japan and the East Coast in North America, the event lacked any preliminary card fights. Instead, Bellator went the post-lim route, this time with good reason — Japanese fans weren’t really interested in getting up at the crack of dawn to fill an arena.

Broadcasting was also an issue. The Bellator Japan post-lims (powered by RIZIN) were found on Sky PerfectTV! and GYAO! in Japan, making them more of a RIZIN exclusive.

Among the RIZIN half of the card, Andy Nguyen took on Ai Shimizu, and Kanna Asakura faced Jayme Hinshaw on the ladies side. Some former UFC talents were also in action, as Jon Tuck faced Ryuichiro Sumimura, and Jarred ‘The Monkey God’ Brooks went up against Haruo Ochi.

Bellator Japan Powered by RIZIN Post-Lim Results:

120-kg Post-lim Bout: Shoma Shibisai def. Sergey Shemetov by submission (Achilles Lock), Round 1, 0:45
77-kg Post-lim Bout: Jon Tuck def. Ryuichiro Sumimura by knockout (punch), Round 1, 4:45
49-kg Post-lim Bout: Ai Shimizu def. Andy Nguyen by split decision
58-kg Post-lim Bout: Makoto Takahashi def. Yusaku Nakamura by unanimous decision
68-kg Post-lim Bout (Kickboxing): Ren Hiramoto def. Takahiro Ashida by TKO (punches), Round 1, 4:49
49-kg Post-lim Bout: Kanna Asakura def. Jayme Hinshaw by submission (kimura), Round 3, 3:33
53-kg Post-lim Bout: Jarred Brooks def. Haruo Ochi by unanimous decision
71-kg Post-lim Bout: Yusuke Yachi def. Hiroto Uesako by knockout (soccer kick), Round 3, 4:36