UFC DC Results: Makhmud Muradov Turns Out the Lights on Trevor Smith

Makhmud Muradov and Trevor Smith ahead of UFC DC
Makhmud Muradov and Trevor Smith, UFC DC Face-Off Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

After just under three competitive rounds, Makhmud Muradov dropped Trevor Smith with a blistering right hand at UFC DC.

Managed by The Money Team, Floyd Mayweather‘s one and only MMA fighter, Makhmud Muradov, was back in the octagon Saturday at UFC on ESPN 7. Going down in Washington, D.C., Muradov’s UFC DC opponent was Trevor ‘Hot Sauce’ Smith, a ten-year veteran of the sport who had fought for Strikeforce prior to the UFC.

Smith was looking to snap a two-fight skid when he tangoed with Tajikistan’s Muradov at the Capital One Arena on Saturday night. The pairing opened the card, with ‘Mach’ bringing in a 12-fight win streak.

After a touch of the gloves, it was Smith holding center, Muradov circling on the outside. He fired off a jab that was countered by Smith, who would later fire off the first leg kick of the fight. Smith would lunge in for a power punch, only to be blocked; moments later, a low blow had Muradov doubling over in pain. After taking a moment, Muradov signaled he was ready to go. A quick exchange followed, before they settled into a workman like pace, with Muradov having an edge in speed. Muradov would land a hook to the side of the head going into the final minute, and put together a combination or two, while targeting the body as well. A jump knee in the dying seconds would get the crowd’s attention, but it was a switch kick that actually connected moments later.

Having more than likely secured the round, Muradov opened the second against a motivated Smith. Muradov flashed fancy footwork and stance switches briefly, and continued to stay on the outside, allowing Smith the come to him. A combination to the body then head landed for Muradov. A moment later, Smith would answer back, but he wasn’t able to put his strikes together. A high kick by Muradov was blocked, but his jab followed. A big swing by Smith then whiffed. His corner may have seen something, as they could be heard telling their fighter to watch for a knee. With ninety seconds remaining, Smith’s jab snapped Muradov’s head back, but he ate a hard punch to the body that had him on the defensive. Muradov sensed that and moved in, but Smith powered through the pain. He’d try for a late takedown attempt, but it was Muradov once again coming up back at round’s end, catching a kick and taking the back.

With Smith saved by the bell they went to the third, where Smith came out on the attack, connecting with a knee to the body. Smith would fire a hard leg kick and continue to walk his opponent down, but he was likely in need of a stoppage. Muradov then began lighting Smith up near the halfway mark of the round. A number of punches upstairs connected, along with a high kick. Smith’s left hand was down, leaving him open to the overhand right. With a minute remaining, Smith was lunging in with his shots. He needed a finish, but would not be the man to end the fight. Instead, Muradov’s right hand finally hit home, sending Smith face-planting to the canvas.

Official Result: Makhmud Muradov def. Trevor Smith by knockout, Round 3, 4:09

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