Melissa Martinez Looks to Complete Journey from Prospect to Champion

Melissa Martinez
Melissa Martinez (right) vs Francis Hernandez Photo: Combate Americas

Melissa “Super Mely” Martinez took time out of her fight week schedule to answer a few questions for Cageside Press about her fight against this Saturday in the co-main event of Tito Ortiz vs Alberto Del Rio.

Ahead of her fight for the inaugural Combate Americas women’s straw weight championship, Cageside Press caught up with Melissa “Super Mely” Martinez for a few quick questions.  The 22 year-old Martinez will fight Desiree Yanez in the co-main event of Combate Americas: Tito vs Alberto on Saturday from the Payne Arena in McAllen, Texas.

Cageside Press: First off all, you’re known for also being a student pursuing a degree in Chemistry, how are your studies going?

Melissa Martinez: “I’m doing well in school and I have 1 year left to finish my degree in Chemistry.”

CP: You’ve discussed before that you don’t like to tell many people at school about your MMA career, is that still the same or do more people now know about your life as “Super Mely”?

MM: “It is still the same case. I still don’t talk much about practicing MMA.”

CP: Is the training camp any different for this fight knowing that it is for the championship?

MM: “The feeling is the same, I do not fight for a title I fight to represent my country like a champion, the belt is a result of that.”

CP: You were originally expected to face Kyra Batara in a fight between two of the top prospects in Combate Americas.  What was your reaction when you learned she had parted ways with the company and would not be your opponent for the title?

MM: “I really don’t know what happened with Kyra. But I admire all of the fighters without exception.”

CP: You’re facing Desiree Yanez for the title, what are your thoughts on her as an opponent?

MM: She is a fighter who likes to come forward but I have no doubt in myself.

CP: You’re the co-main event to Tito Ortiz vs Alberto Del Rio.  What are your thoughts on the fight?

MM: “It is a very interesting fight that nobody wants to miss without a doubt CA will make history when making this fight between 2 icons.”

CP: You’ve been a rising star I the company for years, is there anything you’d like fans to know about you as you go into your biggest fight yet?

MM: “I will give my heart to this fight and bring a victory for my country. I want to thank the place I live for their support and my university (UNAM) for supporting me.”

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