Former UFC Heavyweight Mark Hunt Responds to Demise of Lawsuit Against Promotion

Mark Hunt UFC Moscow
Credit: Dave Mandel/

The final portion of Mark Hunt’s lawsuit against the UFC has been ruled against by a Nevada judge, and Hunt has voice his displeasure with the promotion once again.

After years working its way through the legal system, Mark Hunt’s lawsuit against the UFC has come to an end. After the majority of the case was dismissed in February of this year, just a single count proceeded on. That count was a single charge of breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

Now, the United States District Court of Nevada has ruled in favor of the defendant, Zuffa LLC and against Hunt on the final count. Hunt himself posted the news on his official Instagram account, and included his own response to the outcome.

“I tried to make things even on the battlefield of Mma but again the cheating company [Dana White] [UFC] with all its billions they ripped everyone off win again someone will die against a steroid using cheater and your sh*t rip off company will be at fault,” wrote Hunt.

After adding a few more choice words for the company and referencing the Ali act, Hunt then added “I am not the first to sue this rip off company and sure as hell wont be the last to sue the [UFC] u can’t keep ripping fighters off and run monopoly on the market someone’s going to put u motherf*ckers down.”

Hunt last fought at UFC Fight Night 142 in December 2018, losing a decision against Justin Willis. It was the final fight on his UFC deal. ‘The Super Samoan’ had already launched his lawsuit against the UFC at that point, which stemmed from his UFC 200 fight against Brock Lesnar in 2016. Hunt took umbrage with the UFC and USADA allowing Lesnar to skirt USADA’s anti-doping rules ahead of the fight. Lesnar was later found to have tested positive for a banned substance (clomiphene), and his win over Hunt was overturned to a No Contest. However, the positive test, which occurred over a week before the landmark event, was not returned until after the fight.

Hunt has indicated he may continue on with his fighting career outside the UFC, but nothing on that front has been announced as of yet. Lesnar, meanwhile, served a year suspension from both USADA and the NSAC. He flirted with a return to the octagon before once again retiring and focusing on the WWE earlier this year.