UFC 244 Results: Lyman Good Bludgeons, Bloodies Chance Rencountre

Lyman Good UFC 244
Lyman Good Credit: Marcus Rebelo/Cageside Press

Tenderizing Chance Rencountre over the better part of three rounds at UFC 244, Lyman Good sealed the deal in the third and final frame.

Former Bellator MMA welterweight champion Lyman Good, who won that promotion’s inaugural 170lb tournament, was in action at UFC 244, taking on the rising Chance Rencountre. Good, who lost the title in his first defense to Ben Askren, entered Saturday night off a loss to Demian Maia, while opponent Rencountre had won two straight.

The fight wound up being a clash of power versus durability. Rencountre fired a leg kick early, but paid when Good fired back over the top, touching Rencountre on the jaw. And like that, they were underway, second fight in on the UFC 244 card. Good then fired off a pair of leg kicks that echoed throughout the arena, adding several more hard punches, connecting each time. The power of Lyman Good was on full display early, and his next kick put Rencountre off-balance. Each kick, each punch from Good looked and sounded explosive.

Rencountre, having eaten too many leg kicks already, opted to shoot for a takedown, which Good was able to fight off. Good then moved in throwing repeated right hands; Rencountre answered with a Thai clinch and some uppercuts. That seemed to motivate Lyman Good more than anything, as he fired off a volley of right hands, walking his opponent down. A knee in the clinch landed for Rencountre, while Good snapped off a nasty kick to finish the frame.

The second frame opened with Rencountre moving in on his own attack. On an exchange, Good ate a couple of hard shots, but Good remained dangerous. He was, however, showing signs of having slowed a step, mouth open, less on his kicks. Rencountre, mind you, had been bloodied, and despite landing from time to time, seemed to have little effect on the offensive department.

Rencountre found himself on his back foot early, Good pressing forward. His right hand continued to be a threat, doing some serious damage when it did land. Chance Rencountre was more and more in need of a finish as the round wore on, but it was Good, once again, connecting with a cracking right hand! Rencountre went down, and before he even hit the canvas, Good was on him, connecting over and over. The blood pooling beneath Rencountre told you all you needed to know about how the fight went for him.

Official Result: Lyman Good def. Chance Rencountre by TKO, Round 3, 2:03