UFC Boston’s Randy Costa On Duel with Boston Salmon: “Someone was Going Down. It was Inevitable”

A finish was inevitable at UFC Boston when it came to Randy Costa and Boston Salmon. It was just a matter of who would go down.

Boston, MA — Randy Costa’s first UFC win was a memorable one. The Massachusetts native, who was something of an anomaly when he signed with the UFC after just four pro fights, dropped his debut in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this year. But in front of a partisan crowd firmly behind him at UFC Boston, he made it five stoppages in five wins.

It couldn’t have gone better. The finish, Costa (5-1) told reporters including Cageside Press following the fight, was certain. It was just a case of who would drop first.

“Boston [Salmon] is an awesome, awesome dude. I love him as a person, and I love him as a fighter. He’s very very entertaining,” said Costa. “When you put our styles together, it has to be a fireworks show.”

“Someone was going down. It was inevitable,” he continued. “We were throwing bombs. He caught me with a good left hand right off the bat, and I knew I couldn’t get caught with one of those again. That kid has bricks behind those hands.”

Costa appears to have bricks behind his own hands as well. In the end, it all went to plan. “I broke everything down that he was doing, and it was like I saw the fight 4000 times in my head before I even walked out. It was just so cool to see it unravel the way we thought it would,” he added.

Appraising his performance, Costa said that “besides getting hit with that left hand, I thought everything was very good. I had such little experience, and I think I showed myself as being composed and fighting as a professional.”

All through Fight Week, Costa had late pal Devin Carrier on his mind. He had a photo of Carrier with him back stage following his victory over Boston Salmon.

“Had I won my debut in Atlanta it would not mean as much,” said Costa. “I get to come back home in front of [Carrier’s] family now, in front of his friends, in front of his teachers, and classmates, and family, and all this stuff. And my friends. Now I get to use my platform to get his name across. Now it’s no longer about myself, it’s much bigger than myself.”

“It was just so cool that I was able to do it in the Garden.”

Watch the full UFC Boston post-fight press scrum with Randy Costa above!