PFL 8 2019 Results: Natan Schulte Chokes Out Second Opponent En Route to Finals

Natan Schulte PFL
Natan Schulte Credit: Ryan Loco/PFL

With his second technical submission in a single evening at PFL 8 2019, Natan Schulte secured his spot in this year’s lightweight tournament finale.

Number one seed and reigning million dollar champ Natan Schulte was in action for the second time Thursday in the PFL’s lightweight semifinals. Schule was taking on Akhmet Aliev, with a chance to head to the 2019 finale on the line.

Schulte opened the fight looking patient, but that changed when the pair clinched, and Aliev got the fight to the ground. Schulte was up quickly, and looked to return the favor. But Aliev again got the fight down himself, planting last year’s winner on his back. Aliev then connected with a right hand as they transitioned. But Schulte, not to be outdone, took control, getting on top, then taking the back, as Aliev rolled.

The roll was enough to prevent Schulte from trapping Aliev. Aliev, moments later, used a trip to take them back to the ground. As Schulte escaped, Aliev fired with some power, and added a high kick. They’d clinch in the middle next, Schulte firing knees to the body, Aliev lighting up his opponent’s midsection with punches in return. Aliev would then add a knee to the body himself. After breaking apart, the two would exchange in a flurry.

Round two opened with a punishing exchange, both men landing. Schulte walked forward, looking to bring the pressure to Aliev. A spinning back fist missed for Aliev. After some enthusiastic exchanges, Schulte would get the fight down with a throw. He worked from half-guard, looking for an arm-triangle choke. He stepped into mount, and from there, started to squeeze. Aliev slowly but surely lost consciousness, going out! The third technical submission on the night, and Natan Schulte will head to the PFL finals for the second time as a result.

Incredibly, that was Schulte’s second technical submission of the evening, as earlier on in the quarterfinals, he choked out Ramsey Nijem.

Official Result: Natan Schulte def. Akhmet Aliev by technical submission (arm-triangle choke), Round 2, 2:26