UFC Tampa Results: JJ Aldrich Wins Opening Scrap Against Lauren Mueller

UFC Auckland, aka UFC Fight Night 110 - Lewis vs. Hunt 's J.J. Aldrich who will face Chan-Mi Jeon
Credit: Keith Mills/Sherdog.com

JJ Aldrich looked very solid on the feet in a fun scrap against Lauren Mueller to open up UFC Tampa.

JJ Aldrich and Lauren Mueller were tasked with opening up UFC Tampa on the prelims. Aldrich recently had a three-fight win streak snapped by up-and-comer Maycee Barber. Mueller won in her UFC debut, but has since fallen in two straight fights.

JJ Aldrich started the fight with a heavy leg kick, then Lauren Mueller answered with several front kicks and a body kick that Aldrich felt, followed by a right hand. Aldrich landed a one-two then another combination before a takedown in the clinch. Mueller worked her way back up, then scored a takedown off a knee attempt by Aldrich, holding her down for the remainder of the round.

Simultaneous right hands land at the start of the second round. The pace picked up in the second, with more punches landing, then Aldrich shot for a takedown and ended up in a clinch against the cage. Mueller broke free and landed a heavy combination and a body kick. The pace picked up and strikes were landing on both sides. Aldrich taunted an advancing Mueller. Mueller responded by just landing several more shots. Aldrich snapped a front kick that landed on the chin and the round came to an end.

In between rounds, Mueller said her foot was hurt. Aldrich took advantage of this unknowingly, pushing forward hard to start the final round and landing a heavy combination of punches. Aldrich continued moving forward, rocking Mueller along the fence, but she couldn’t quite get the knockout blow. She kept firing away on Mueller, who was able to land a few shots near the end of the round, but not nearly enough to nullify the great start of Aldrich.

JJ Aldrich def. Lauren Mueller by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

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