Bellator 230 Results: Kirill Sidelnikov Earns First Win in Promotion

Bellator ring girl
Credit: Mike McClory/Cageside Press

Kirill Sidelnikov earned his first win under the Bellator MMA banned Saturday night in Milan, Italy, earning a unanimous decision over Domingos Barros at Bellator 230.

Heavyweights slugged it out as part of the Bellator 230 main card. Going down Saturday night in Milan, Italy, one of two scraps featuring the big men saw Domingos Barros take on Kirill Sidelnikov. Sidelnikov had finished his first six wins as a pro, and none of them had left the first round. However, the Team Fedor fighter had developed into a more well-rounded fighter, after starting his career at the young age of 19.

Still, Sidelnikov’s finishing ability made Saturday’s showdown with Barros something of a “blink and you’ll miss it” affair heading in. It didn’t turn out that way however.

Barros, mind you, would have a significant height and weight advantage. That said, he was the one closing the distance first, with Sidelnikov firing off a number of punches as Barros moved in. The pair clinched briefly, then moved back to the open. Barros shot low for a takedown, which Team Fedor’s Sidelnikov stuffed. An exchange or two later, and Barros made another attempt, stuffed again. Barros would back his opponent up to the fence, however. In the final minute, Sidelnikov would connect with an uppercut, and later land a right hand while Barros was circling along the cage.

The fight, however, would head to the second. There, Sidelnikov would press the action while Barros fended him off with kicks. He’d get his jab going, add a right, and go on the attack himself, one of his better moments in the fight to that point. They’d clinch by the cage, where Sidelnikov would land an elbow off the break. Barros would later engage in a Thai clinch briefly, firing a knee. At the end of the round, Barros engaged in a little bit of showboating, but if Sidelnikov was bothered, he didn’t show it.

Entering the third round, there was a question as to whether Barros needed a finish. Sidelnikov could easily have been up two rounds. Barros walked forward early, and when he wasn’t moving forward he was trying to utilize his length. Barros’ jab was working, but it wasn’t enough to do any real damage until an accidental eye poke with two minutes remaining. A brief pause, and they got back underway. Only for a kick to also land low, again with Sidelnikov on the receiving end. Again, he wouldn’t take much time, instead going on the attack with a flurry of punches. Barros seemed to be coasting, a rather odd tactic in a relatively close fight. Late in the third the Russian would come on strong landing several strikes, Barros at one point covering up. They’d go the distance, with Kirill Sidelnikov taking the victory.

Official Result: Kirill Sidelnikov def. Domingos Barros by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)