Bellator 228: Leandro Higo Gunning for James Gallagher, Erik Perez

Back in the win column at Bellator 228 after a year away, Leandro Higo is looking for fights with James Gallagher and Erik Perez.

Los Angeles, CA — After some time away from the cage, Leandro Higo made a successful return at Bellator 228 on Saturday night. Against Shawn Bunch, Higo picked up a second round submission via guillotine.

After the fight, speaking to media outlets including Cageside Press, Higo was eager to continue his journey, and had a few names in mind.

“It was great. It’s been about a year since I fought, so I didn’t have my rhythm back yet,” he said about his win at The Forum in L.A. “But to fight a guy, a world team member, a national champ from wrestling like Shawn Bunch, it was great to submit him.”

“I did have a coupe injuries,” Higo said when asked about his time away. “It was a good break because I got my head right, my body, I overcame some injuries, and it worked out perfect because I get to fight on the same card as my teammate Patricio Pitbull.”

“It was great, it was one of the best camps of my life. All the coaches are all together, working towards one goal. And now we get to go home on the plane, all victorious, god willing.” While teammate Patricio Pitbull hadn’t yet fought when Higo spoke to the media, the featherweight champion retained his title later in the night.

Saying he was coming out of his shell — Higo even attempted some call-outs in the cage after his fight — the Brazilian dropped of a couple of names while speaking to the media. Mainly James Gallagher and Erik Perez.

“My jiu-jitsu’s better than James Gallagher, I’ll finish James Gallagher by submission. Erik Perez is coming to my house, and I want him too,” exclaimed Higo. On Gallagher, he added “My guillotine is much tighter, nobody gets out of it.” Gallagher had his own win via guillotine, at Bellator: Dublin on Friday.

Asked why he wanted Perez, who has yet to make his Bellator debut, Higo explained that it’s “because I want to beat the best. Since day one that I got here, I’ve fought the best. And I don’t want to veer away from fighting the best. I’m here to beat the best, and anybody that’s in my path on the way to the top.”

Higo’s coach, Eric Albarracin, who also serves as his translator, added “Erik Perez, I know as a coach, he has a 7-2 record in the UFC. This guy’s one of the best coming in.”

Watch the full Bellator 228 post-fight press scrum with Leandro Higo above!