Bellator 227 Results: Norbert Novenyi Jr. Dominates Will Fleury

Nobert Novenyi Jr.
Nobert Novenyi Jr. Credit: Bellator MMA

A teenage phenom continued to shine at Bellator 227 as Norbert Novenyi Jr. put a beating on Will Fleury.

Norbert Novenyi Jr. entered the Bellator cage an undefeated 19-year old prospect at Bellator 227. His opponent, Will Fleury, was 22 years his senior, with a couple of inches of reach and height on the Hungarian-born fighter. But Novenyi Jr. certainly had the pedigree, as the son of an Olympic wrestling champion. And he put on a show in Dublin, Ireland on Friday.

Novenyi employed a sideways stance, reminiscent of Lyoto Machida and Stephen Thompson. He was moving fluidly, but when Fluery attacked, Novenyi was forced to retreat. In the clinch, Novenyi found himself turned and driven into the fence, with Fluery slowly taking him down. Novenyi appeared to defend with a setup for a choke, but Fluery was able to maintain side control, before moving to half-guard. He’d eventually wind up in guard, but not before Novenyi ate some shots.

Then, back on the feet following a scramble, Novenyi connected, knocking Fluery down! Fluery was caught with his hands down off a kick. Novenyi followed, laying down some hammer fists on the wobbled Fliery. Fluery somehow survived, but did not have his full faculties functioning. He fanned a spinning attack, Novenyi grabbed a body lock, and briefly took him down. He didn’t stay down, but another big overhand right connected for Novenyi, then another, then another!

Fluery was saved by the bell, but bloodied. Another right hand would land within the first minute of round two. Fluery was on his back. Novenyi moved to side control. He was in control period. When Fluery tried to wall-walk, he ate punch after punch, blood flowing again. Fluery, however, would make it up, and take Novenyi down. That wouldn’t last, but if nothing else, Fluery was proving resilient.

The pair had slowed a step to start the third. Fluery needed a finish. Novenyi probably just wanted one, wondering what it would take to actually stop his opponent. In the end they’d go the distance, but the fight never really felt close.

Norbert Novenyi Jr. def. Will Fluery by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)