Pros React to the Premature End to UFC Mexico City’s Main Event

Jeremy Stephens UFC
Jeremy Stephens Credit: Jeff Sherwood/

Yair Rodriguez and Jeremy Stephens barely got out of the gate before the main event of UFC Mexico City was waved off.

The main event of UFC Mexico City boasted a featherweight showdown that pitted sheer violence against flash and creativity. Jeremy Stephens was venturing into enemy territory, looking to overpower Yair Rodriguez at home. It promised to be one for the ages.

It wasn’t. Instead, barely ten seconds in, Rodriguez, the hometown hero, raked Stephens across the eyes. Stephens winced in pain. Ref Herb Dean was forced to stop the fight, giving Stephens five minutes to recover.

He couldn’t. Dean did everything in his power to salvage the fight, ensuring Stephens took the full five minutes before the doctor examined him fully. However, even after five minutes, Stephens was unable to open his eye. The fight was subsequently waved off, ruled a no contest. That was a bitter pill to swallow for the Mexican fans, and they let their displeasure be known, pelting the octagon with anything they could hurl.

Not a happy ending to UFC Mexico City. See how the pros reacted to the main event being scuttled early below!

The Eyes Have It

Credit to Herb for the Old College Try

Mexico City Did Not Take It Well

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