PFL 6 2019 Results: Jordan Johnson Cruises to Decision Over Sigi Pesaleli

Jordan Johnson PFL 3
Credit: Dan Doherty/Cageside Press

In desperate need of points to make the post-season, Jordan Johnson defeated Sigi Pesaleli via a one-sided decision at PFL 6 2019 on Thursday.

Light heavyweight action continued in week six of the PFL 2019 regular season on Thursday. Going down at the Oceans Casino and Resort, PFL 6 2019 saw Jordan Johnson looking to earn his first points of the season, and work his way into a playoff spot, against Sigi Pesaleli. Pesaleli, pretty much the least experienced fighter in the league at 1-1 as a pro heading into Thursday, had lost his opening round fight against Ronny Marke — but earned three points nonetheless when Markes missed weight.

Johnson landed a cracking right hand to start the bout, sending Pesaleli back to the fence. In short order, he had a takedown secured, and went to work while Pesaleli tried to tie him up. Pesaleli turned to his side, opening himself up to more ground n’ pound, but was able to scramble to his feet. After a bit of back-and-forth, Johnson would nearly catch a kick. His big right hand would continue to be a threat as well. A second takedown would follow, with Jordan Johnson in half guard. Time would run out before he could put anything together.

Round two opened with a leg kick from Pesaleli, who was going to need to get things going after Johnson controlled the first. Johnson had other plans, however, and put Pesaleli on his back soon after, landing from the top several times. Johnson would spend plenty of time on top this time, as Pesaleli worked his way back to the fence in the hopes of wall-walking up. When he did make it back to his feet, he ate a left that stopped him in his tracks momentarily. Then came the second takedown of the round for Johnson — far too easy if Pesaleli was to have any hope of staying competitive. Aside from a brief pause to trim some tape, Johnson would spend the rest of the round on top.

Round three was do or die for Pesaleli. But Johnson shot in for a powerful double just seconds in, and again, Sigi Pesaleli was on his back. He’d spend the full round there, with Johnson doing enough to improve position and land shots to avoid a ref stand-up. Going to the final bell, there was no question who would get the nod on the scorecards.

The win also clinched Johnson a spot in the playoffs, though he’d have to wait until the end of the night to see who he’d be paired up against.

Jordan Johnson def. Sigi Pesaleli by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)