Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald Is Maycee Barber’s Pick for UFC Hall of Fame Worthy Fight


At the UFC Hall of Fame ceremony over the weekend, Maycee Barber gave her pick for a fight worthy of induction into the hall: Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald 2.

Las Vegas, NV — Maycee Barber was one of the breakthrough names in the UFC last year. The 21-year old won her way into the UFC on Dana White’s Contender Series, then won her UFC debut as part of the promotion’s 25th anniversary show in Denver.

She followed that up with a win earlier this year. Yet despite appearing at the UFC Hall of Fame ceremony, Barber isn’t letting anything get to her head just yet. No Hall of Fame dreams, in other words, despite her dreams of being the youngest UFC champ ever.

Instead, “I’m thinking I’m blessed. This is a huge opportunity, and a lot of learning for me,” she told Cageside Press on the red carpet.

As to why MMA fans have connected to the 7-0 fighter so quickly, Barber suggested that it’s simply because “I put on entertaining fights, and I go out for the finish. I don’t go out there trying to not lose, I go out there trying to win.”

That’s the sort of attitude that makes Hall of Fame fights in the long run. This year, it was Diego Sanchez and Clay Guida being inducted into the hall. Barber’s pick is another bloodbath.

“Probably one of the ones, I don’t know if it has been [inducted] or not, probably the one with Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald.” That of course refers to the UFC 189 bloodbath that was the pair’s second meeting.

In the meantime, we asked what has made Barber strong in her career to this point. “All of it, you know? Each day I get strong,” she answered. Then added that “fighting on the Contender Series when I did, that’s a huge test, showing that you can go out there. But each fight is different, each fight shows a little bit different side of you, so they’re all pretty incredible.

As for a return date for Maycee Barber, you can look forward to seeing her in action again this year. “I’m hoping for October, so we’ll see, but definitely before the end of the year.”

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