UFC 239: Chance Rencountre Discusses Origins of “Black Eagle” Nickname

Chance Rencountre is one of the few fighters in the UFC with a Native American background and will make his third appearance for the promotion at UFC 239.

Las Vegas, NV – Chance Rencountre is set to take on talented up-and-comer Ismail Naurdiev on the undercard of UFC 239. Known as “Black Eagle,” Rencountre has one of the more unique origins of a nickname in the sport.

“It’s actually my native name. I’m Osage and Cheyenne River Sioux so it comes from my tribal name. It’s Wah-Zhi-Zha-Pe and that translates to the black part of the eagle so all the elders told me to translate it to Black Eagle. That’s where I got that from. I take that warrior spirit in there with me.”

Coming from a tight-knit Native American background, Rencountre has support wherever his career takes him.

“That’s some of the biggest support I got. Everybody back home, the natives and non-natives love what I do. I’m a small town guy so seeing a small town guy make it to the UFC and do what I do, it’s amazing. I get so much recognition and respect and praise from everybody back home. It’s an amazing experience, it’s so cool.”

Rencountre came into the UFC on a four-fight win streak with three finishes. That came to an end when he faced Belal Muhammad in his Octagon debut. He was able to bounce back in his last fight, and is primed for another win streak.

“It’s not pressure, it’s what I want to do. That’s just part of this game and if I keep winning, I want to get re-signed and continue this career. It’s great money and I’d like to make more. The more wins we get, the more money we get, and that’s a big drive in my eyes. I’d like to give my daughter things I never had that my mom wasn’t able to provide for me. So hopefully with this career, I can take it. And who doesn’t mind not working a 9-5. You can’t beat that.”

Speaking of 9-5s, Rencountre knows what he’d do if he wasn’t fighting.

“I’d be running construction, running my own business, framing houses for a living. Or any type of construction honestly. I wouldn’t mind doing anything. I’d get my hand in a little bit of anything. But definitely framing houses or doing something of that nature.”

In front of Rencountre this weekend is Ismail Naurdiev, who is known as the “Austrian Wonderboy.”

“He seems explosive. He’s an athletic guy. He’s young, he’s definitely hungry. He got a good win in his last fight. I’m excited for it. He’s a great kickboxer. There’s attributes he’s got and attributes I got. Stylistically, I think it favors my way.”