The Flyweight Division Is Sticking Around: “It’s Confirmed” Says UFC President Dana White

Dana White, UFC 236
Dana White, UFC 236 Credit: Mike Sloan/

Good news for flyweight fans, as UFC President Dana White says the division is staying put after Henry Cejudo’s UFC 238 victory at bantamweight.

For months now, questions of the UFC flyweight division’s future have swirled. Ever since Demetrious Johnson was traded to ONE Championship for Ben Askren, the future of the division seemed bleak. Flyweights were being cut. Several reported that they’d heard the weight class was being phased out. Yet the odd 125lb bout continued to be scheduled.

However, when flyweight champ Henry Cejudo put his focus on bantamweight, it felt as if winning a title in another weight class might be the final nail in the 125lb coffin. Cejudo captured that second belt Saturday night at UFC 238. He’s now another simultaneous champ in the UFC.

Yet if you’re expecting the division to go away, think again. That’s if you choose to believe UFC President Dana White, who said following UFC 238 that the division is sticking around. “It’s confirmed,” he said about the weight class staying put.

The question came up when White was asked about Cejudo defending two belts. “I said if he could get through Marlon Moraes, absolutely,” White said of the possibility of defending both titles. “Does anybody in this room think he couldn’t defend both titles? After the Marlon fight, I’m blown away by it.”

“Obviously him winning had a lot to do with the [flyweight] division,” White later added. That doesn’t mean it’s going away. “Have I said that it’s going away? Have I said that it’s leaving? I haven’t even talked about that division in months.”

So asked to tackle it from the other side, White said “it is confirmed (that the division is sticking around).”

Good news for flyweight fans.