UFC 238’s Jessica Eye: Every Loser Wins Some Day, and This Is That Day

With a title fight against Valentina Shevchenko looming, Jessica Eye has been “the toughest emotional crybaby you’re ever going to meet” — because of how much the opportunity means.

Chicago, IL — Jessica Eye is fired up heading into her women’s flyweight title fight at UFC 238. If you’ve followed Eye’s career, then you know it’s for good reason. Eye has been down and out before. But sports fans love an underdog story, and Eye (14–6 (1)) just might be that dog.

She even woofed a couple of times at Wednesday’s open workout media scrum, speaking to reporters including Cagedie press. Eye also addressed her emotions, and what the opportunity Saturday means to her.

“It’s everything,” she said, of finally being in this position. “I’m probably the toughest emotional crybaby you’re ever going to meet. I cry a lot, because it means a lot. I’m emotional a lot, because it means a lot.”

Yet the title fight isn’t the end of her story. “This is just the beginning of the journey, you know? I’d have to say when I returned to [125lbs], that was the hardest fight because I told you guys I could do this.” Her return to flyweight came on the heels of a four fight losing streak. A low point in her career, and life, that even led to her selling off her fight gear. “And then I just kept chipping away at this. And I’m going to keep chipping away. Because this is for the people that count themselves out, this is for the people that you call losers, this is [for] the people that you don’t promote. I’m fighting this one for them.”

“Every loser wins some day, and this is that day,” she exclaimed.

Asked if she relished being the underdog, Eye woofed in response. We’ll take that as a yes.

Eye formally fought out of Cleveland’s Strong Style gym in her native Ohio, but recently made the jump to Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas. Asked whether she’d been in touch with Stipe Miocic, the former UFC heavyweight champ also at Strong Style, Eye admitted that “we have not spoke directly, but I know the big guy’s got my back, and I’ve got his.”

“My support goes forever. I’m loyal to the bone,” she stated, adding a few more woofs for good measure. The city of Cleveland, she said, is “incredible. Cleveland has treated me incredible. I’ve been their Queen for many years, and I hope to be for many more. I hope that there’s little girls and young teenage girls being like ‘I want to be like her’ and just killing all the odds with everything.”