UFC 238: Valentina Shevchenko Says She’s in Different League than Jessica Eye


Valentina Shevchenko doesn’t appear the least bit worried about opponent Jessica Eye, saying ahead of UFC 238 this weekend that they are in different leagues.

Chicago, IL — UFC 238 boasts two title fights atop the PPV card, and the co-main event promises to be a good one. Valentina Shevchenko will be making the first defense of her women’s flyweight title, after capturing the belt against Joanna Jedrzejczyk at UFC 231 in Toronto late last year.

It’s Jessica Eye that Shevchenko (16-3), who previously competed at bantamweight, will throw down with in Chicago. But though Eye has competed at bantamweight before, and despite the American’s resurgence as a flyweight, Shevchenko sees the two of them as being worlds apart. Or at least leagues.

Despite that, however, she has no problem getting motivated for the fight this Saturday.

“My motivation is every time when I step into the octagon. This is my motivation,” she told media outlets including Cageside Press at Wednesday’s open workouts. “I’m not [here to] enjoy or have fun. I am here to win the fight, and keep my belt for a long time. The longest time that I can. For me, this is my motivation.” That, and “to do martial arts,” the champ added.

As for what Eye brings to the table, “I’m ready for everything. I’m ready for whatever she will bring,” Shevchenko said. “I saw her fights, [she keeps telling everyone] she’s going to [be] pushing, pressure, she has some kind of pressure that she can do.”

Shevchenko was dismissive of that plan. “Doesn’t matter for me. I’ve faced so many different kind of opponents. Everyone they will say the same, when they get matched up with Valentina. So striker against grappler. I win [against them] in [their] field. With Holly Holm, I won [against] her in her field.”

“For me, I’m truly a martial artist. It doesn’t matter what my opponent this time is going to bring to me,” ‘Bullet’ stated. “I will break it up, everything.”

Asked what the key to Eye not being finished by past opponents was, Valentina Shevchenko suggested that it was “maybe some personal qualities, but it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, because we are now in different league.”


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