Welcome to the UFC: Zarah Fairn dos Santos

Zarah Fairn dos Santos UFC
Credit: Ladies Fight Night Facebook

The UFC is finally deciding to build up their women’s featherweight division, as they have signed French-woman and BAMMA veteran, Zarah Fairn dos Santos to a deal.


How Does Zarah Fairn dos Santos Fare in the UFC:

It’s good to see the UFC pursuing the featherweight division and trying to build the weight class. Even in the UFC, it’s going to be a rough start because the featherweight division lacks talent. Zarah Fairn dos Santos has fought decent competition but no one we will ever see at a high level. Where she is strongest would have to be in the clinch. She is strong and utilities her knees and her right hook well.

She will struggle in the UFC due to many flaws. The takedown defense of dos Santos has held up for the most part but against not high caliber fighters. On the feet is where she spends most of the fight but it’s also where she has holes. Dos Santos lacks any kind of good footwork as she walks in a straight line with her chin up. She has a wide base with a wide stance, and she’s pretty easy to hit and attack the lead leg. Dos Santos throws with her hips so her strikes are telegraphed and read easily. It is hard to picture her winning a fight in the UFC.

  • Striking: D
  • Kickboxing: D
  • Clinch: B-
  • Wrestling: C-
  • Grappling: D
  • Striking Defense: D+
  • Takedown Defense: C+
  • Cardio: B-
  • Biggest Strength: Clinch
  • Biggest Weakness: Defense