UFC Ottawa: Juan Adams Bothered by Lack of Push, Downplays Arjan Bhullar’s Wrestling Ability

Juan Adams UFC
Juan Adams Credit: Mike Straus/Cageside Press

Undefeated heavyweight prospect Juan Adams is not pleased by his placement on UFC Ottawa’s early prelims.

“The Kraken” Juan Adams will make his second walk to the Octagon next month at the  Canadian Tire Centre at UFC Ottawa. But the big man is none too happy about his fight placement on the card.

Adams, 27, made his UFC debut last December in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was the very first fight of the night on that card, which was the last UFC event on FOX. And despite his thrilling KO victory over Chris De La Rocha on that night, “The Kraken” is still fighting on the early prelims.

“I feel like if they [UFC] were pushing me then they wouldn’t have made me wait five months for a fight,” Adams told Cageside Press in a recent interview. “I definitely see more of a push for Greg Hardy, and other people the Contender Series that are getting main card fights for their first try.”

“Kennedy Nzechukwu, he started off on a main card for his UFC debut, and his accounts are already verified on Instagram and stuff. I’m not getting any of these accommodations, they are not really pushing me. I’m generating buzz for myself on Twitter and Instagram, things like that just because I’m active. I have a personality that people kind of want to follow, so I go a lot of this building for myself and it feels like the promotion isn’t really doing that for me.”

When Adams finally does step back into the Octagon on May 4 he will be doing so against a Canadian freestyle wrestler who was an alternate for the 2012 Olympic Games. Fighting someone so credentialed in their own backyard may seem daunting to some, not “The Kraken.” He welcomes such a challenge.

“I’ve always said it doesn’t matter where I fight because there is no home field advantage inside the cage. That’s my terrain, that’s my territory, that’s my home. It doesn’t matter how many people are there supporting you, it’s you and me locked in that cage.”

“People can hype up his [Arjan Bhullar] wrestling ability all they want to but the fact of the matter is he was an alternate on the Canadian Olympic team. You can say what you want but I don’t know anyone that can name off the top of their head the last Canadian Olympic medalist, let alone champion. He wasn’t even on the team, he was an alternate.”

“He wrestled NAIA collegiately, which is far below division one in America,” Adams continued. “So I’m not really concerned about it and at the end of the day, he still has to get in and overcome a reach advantage, a weight advantage, an athletic advantage. In the event that he does get in on a leg, I don’t think he has the power to lift me up.”

Juan Adams will take on Arjan Bhullar at UFC Ottawa from Ontario, Canada on May 4.