Bellator Fighters Predict MacDonald vs. Fitch at Bellator 220

Rory MacDonald, Bellator MMA
Rory MacDonald Credit: Bellator MMA

With Jon Fitch looking at what may very well be his last chance at another major title at Bellator 220, we had Bellator fighters predict the outcome of his fight with Rory MacDonald.

Bellator 220 goes down this weekend in San Jose, CA and atop the card will be a welterweight title fight, doubling as yet another step in the Bellator Welterweight World Grand Prix. The fight will see 170lb champ Rory MacDonald finally join the fray, after straying up to middleweight last year for a shot at Gegard Mousasi.

Challenging MacDonald will be a man no stranger to title fights: Jon Fitch. Fitch is a former UFC title challenger and World Series of Fighting champion, and he’ll look to claim another big title for his collection in San Jose.

Ahead of the bout, we spoke to a number of Bellator fighters to get their take on the who will win the main event this weekend.

Joey Davis: I’m a fan of both, I’ve been watching Jon Fitch since I was a kid. But Rory MacDonald, I’m truly a fan of him, and I’ll tell you why, because he’s known from GSP. Anybody that comes from GSP, or GSP pronounced, has to be good, right? GSP doesn’t talk a lot about people he trains with, or who he did train with, or anything like that.

I’m going to have to go with Rory. I feel like he’s been in the cage a little bit more, he’s been fighting elite competition for a long time, not that Fitch hasn’t, but I think that Rory came out on top, beating a lot of those elite guys.

Shawn Bunch: I’m going with my teammate, my brother Jon Fitch. I’ve seen him training every day. He’s been looking very well. He’s older, but he’s smart. He knows what it takes to win these fights, these big fights. He’s always been counted out, probably his whole career. But I’m going with my boy, my brother Fitch.

Saad Awad: You know I’ve been a fan of Jon Fitch for a long time. Just because people don’t realize how good that guy is. He was a guy that, when St. Pierre was killing everyone, he was on a crazy winning streak, and they would never give him a title fight. Then he finally got that title fight, and he lost. He’s a really good, underrated fighter. Not underrated in MMA people’s eyes, but underrated in other’s peoples eyes. He should have a lot more attention on him. But at the same time, he is fighting Rory MacDonald. And Rory MacDonald is a different breed of a fighter. Jon Fitch is a different breed of an MMA wrestler, I guess you’d say. But Rory MacDonald is a different breed of a straight fighter. The dude is savage. I don’t see Jon Fitch holding him down. I think Rory is too big, his takedown defense is really good, you don’t really see him on his back much. If Jon Fitch can get him down in the first round, I think it’s going to be a long night for Rory, but if Rory stops his takedowns in the first round, I think it’s going to be a messed up night for Jon Fitch.

Andrey Koreshkov: I think Rory MacDonald will win this fight because he, stylistically its a good fight for him. I think his wrestling and ground game might be even better than Jon Fitch’s and I think that he is physically stronger, more agile and I think that he matches up very well against Fitch, much better than Fitch matches up against him.

David Rickels: I think Rory has a lot to prove after his fight with Gegard Mousasi. I think he’s going to come back with a vengeance. I think he’s a lot more well-rounded, so I think we’re going to see a pretty dominant victory from him.

Adam Piccolotti: Jon is something else. People like to say that he’s slowing down, or whatever they may say. But once Jon Fitch gets a hold of you, it’s a tough thing to deal with, trust me. He’s got pressure like basically no other. He’s always moving forward, never relenting. He’s got all the experience in the world. So I think although he might be an underdog in the Vegas odds or whatever, I think Jon Fitch gets it done.

For those keeping score, that’s four fighters picking Rory MacDonald, and two siding with Jon Fitch. Find out who got it right this Saturday, April 27 at the SAP Center in San Jose, CA.