UFC Philadelphia Results: Alex Perez Ground-and-Pounds His Way to Decision

Alex Perez UFC
Alex Perez Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

A dominant performance by Alex Perez kicked off the preliminary portion of UFC Philadelphia.

Alex Perez, the seventh-ranked flyweight in the world, was an experienced 17-4 when finally getting his big break on the Contender Series. He won by first-round anaconda choke, earning him a UFC contract. Perez won his first three fights in the Octagon, two by stoppage, earning him a fight with perennial top contender Joseph Benavidez. Benavidez won by first-round stoppage in November, and the California native will look to bounce back tonight.

Mark De La Rosa, who’s married to flyweight contender Montana De La Rosa, was an undefeated Combate Americas veteran when he signed with the UFC. After losing to former title contender Tim Elliott, De La Rosa bounced back with a submission win. De La Rosa returned to bantamweight in his last fight, winning by split decision.

Left hands were traded by both fighters to kick off the fight. There was another rapid exchange of punches and a pair of leg kicks were thrown out by Perez. After another wild exchange of strikes, Perez shot for a single leg and was held up by the fence. Perez was able to drag De La Rosa down after a bit of work. De La Rosa worked for a kimura from the bottom, and Perez responded with a barrage of hammer-fists. Working from half guard, Perez continued to fire away with strikes. De La Rosa was happy to exchange punches from his back, and the round ended with both men throwing wild punches on the mat.

Cageside Press Scores the First Round 10-9 Perez

Alex Perez hit De La Rosa with a leg kick to start the second round. De La Rosa tried to respond with one of his own but missed. Another pair of leg kicks landed for Perez then De La Rosa landed a counter left hand. The fighters came together and De La Rosa was taken down with Perez on his back. De La Rosa spun to guard, and Perez began pounding away with punches. De La Rosa was not able to work to get off his back as Perez was postured up and firing away with punches. Again, De La Rosa’s defense was offense from his back, throwing punches off his own. The round ended with Perez postured up in top position.

Cageside Press Scores the Second Round 10-8 Perez

De La Rosa started the third round with a three-piece combination followed by a two-punch combo. Perez answered with a pair of leg kicks, but De La Rosa was incredibly comfortable on the feet in the final round. De La Rosa avoided a few leg kicks from Perez and fired back with one of his own. De La Rosa landed a right hand then shot for a takedown that was stuffed. De La Rosa was getting the better of the striking exchanges, but wasn’t able to mount a comeback before Perez landed another takedown with a minute to go. Like before, Perez was in open guard and punching away. De La Rosa simply had no answer for the wrestling of Perez in this bout.

Cageside Press Scores the Third Round 10-9 De La Rosa (29-27 Perez)

Alex Perez def. Mark De La Rosa by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)