UFC Wichita Results: Niko Price Knocks Out Tim Means

Niko Price UFC Wichita UFC 240
Niko Price Credit: Mike Straus/Cageside Press

Niko Price picked up an incredible knockout win over the veteran Tim Means at UFC Wichita, in a highlight reel finish.

Tim Means and Niko Price came into UFC Wichita needing big wins if they were looking to get into the top fifteen. And while Means wasn’t dreaming of gold, Price was another matter. Niko Price was heading into Wichita after a knockout loss to Abdul Razak Alhassan at UFC 228. That defeat, however, might be thought of as a blip. Before that, he was looking very impressive, having won five of his six UFC bouts. Tim Means on the other hand, while an octagon veteran, had lost two of his last three bouts going into his fight against Price.

Off the opening bell, Niko Price started the fight off fast, hurting Tim Means early. However Means rallied back and got the big slam takedown, getting Price down to the mat. And the crowd to its feet. Price then got back to his own feet, but as he was, he got hit with an illegal knee.

For the first half of the first round, even the bulk of it, it seemed that Means was getting the better of Price, bloodying him up as the frame was coming to a close. Near the end of round it appeared that Tim Means rocked Niko Price. Then as Means came forward, he was hit hard with a right hook. A hook that looked to come straight from hell. One ground shot later, it was over.

An incredible knockout for Niko Price, and an impressive comeback as well. The fight also marked the first time Tim Means had ever been knocked out in his career, with his one previous TKO loss due to injury.

Niko Price def. Tim Means by knockout, Round 1, 4:50