Pros React to Downright Crazy UFC Wichita Main Event

Derrick Lewis vs. Junior Dos Santos UFC Wichita
Derrick Lewis vs. Junior Dos Santos Credit: Mike Straus/Cageside Press

Junior Dos Santos and Derrick Lewis put on an impressive, downright crazy showing in the main event at UFC Wichita, showing why MMA fans love heavyweights.

Wow. Crazy is an understatement, frankly. Yet that might have been the most common refrain from observers of Saturday’s main event at UFC Wichita. A heavyweight clash between Junior dos Santos and Derrick Lewis was far more fun, and competitive, than it should have been.

Jumping switch kicks and even a flying knee from Derrick Lewis, a man who cuts weight to make the 266lb heavyweight limit? You got it. Spinning attacks from ex-champ Junior Dos Santos? You got it. Both men were rocked. Both men battled back. But the finish was set up when Dos Santos, arguably the best boxer in the UFC, went to the body of Lewis. It wasn’t his hands that did the damage, however, but a kick.

That kick caused Lewis to double over in pain. Yet as Dos Santos moved in for the kill, the wounded beast lashed out. A lightning fast, vicious swing that would have knocked a rhinoceros out. Lewis, however, missed.

Come the second round, Dos Santos did not. With Derrick Lewis still feeling the effects of that kick to the midsection, Dos Santos caught the former title challenger, rocked him, and swarmed with ground and pound as Lewis covered up.

And this is why heavyweights are beloved. Check below to see the pros react!

Faking? Nah.

A shirt wipe. Thanks Herb

The finish though