Matt Hughes Served with Restraining Orders by Wife, Twin Brother Mark Hughes

Matt Hughes UFC
Matt Hughes Credit: Jeff Sherwood/

A pattern of disturbing behavior on the part of UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes has emerged due to multiple reports alleging altercations with his wife and twin brother, both of whom have taken out restraining orders against the fighter.

Some disturbing news surrounding UFC Hall of Fame welterweight Matt Hughes. On Tuesday, TMZ reported that Hughes’ wife, Audra Hughes, and his twin brother Mark had both filed restraining orders against the UFC star. According to the initial report from TMZ, violent incidents began in 2017, with Hughes threatening to shoot his wife, and assaulting her in front of the couple’s children.

Hughes was the victim of a train accident in June 2017, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury known as diffuse axonal injury, or DAI. After time spent in a coma and recovery, Hughes returned home. However, according to his wife, in September or October of that year, not long after his recovery, Hughes “roughed her up badly in the shower.”

The incident started with a dispute over the keys to his truck. Matt Hughes wanted the keys. Audra did not want him driving due to his DAI. He then allegedly choked her, and demanded the combination to his gun vault. When Audra Hughes refused, she alleges he choked her again, and smashed her head against the shower wall.

The scene described was not the only incident alleged. In July 2018, Audra Hughes claims that her husband threatened to shoot her, after she confronted him about communicating with other women on his phone. In December 2018, she claims he assaulted her in front of the couple’s children, as well as her step-father.

That was December 12. Audra Hughes filed for a restraining order the next day.

According to TMZ, Mark Hughes, twin brother of Matt, also filed for a restraining order after the retired UFC star allegedly assaulted Mark’s son over the use of a tractor whose ownership was in dispute. According to Mark, his brother attempted to ignite the tractor with gasoline a week later. As a result, Matt Hughes must stay 500 feet away from Mark and his family, and 500 feet away from Audra and his own children.

Hughes, who many consider the second-greatest welterweight of all time after the recently retired Georges St. Pierre, has yet to respond to the accusations. However, per a report by MMA Junkie, Audra Hughes has filed for divorce.