ROAD FC 52 Results: Michel Pereira Goes Full Matrix

Michel Pereira UFC Rochester
Michel Pereira def Kim Dae-Sung Credit: ROAD FC

A superman punch and moonsault off the cage were just some of the highlights Michel Pereira brought to ROAD FC 52 on Saturday.

ROAD FC 52 took place in South Korea over the weekend, and while a million dollars was on the line in the main event, it was main card opener Michel Pereira everyone was talking about following the show. Why? Because Pereira, fresh off watching Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, decided he was going to bend reality just a little, and pull off some spectacular aerobatics in the cage. Or maybe he was just inspired by vintage Anthony Pettis.

Either way, the end result was this:

Yes, that was a standing back flip, superman punch off the cage, and a moonsault off the cage, all in a live MMA fight. Needless to say, the majors are going to be sniffing around Pereira soon if they aren’t already.

Oh, and that million dollar lightweight tournament? Mansour Barnaoui picked up the third round finish to win it all.

ROAD FC 52 Results:

Main Card:

ROAD FC $1 Million Lightweight Tournament Final Match
Mansour Barnaoui def Shamil Zavurov by KO, knee, R3 0:40

Bantamweight Championship
Kim Min-Woo def Moon Jea-Hoon by Submission, triangle, R1 2:25

Lightweight Match
Bruno Miranda def Hong Young-Ki by TKO, punches, R1 2:45

Bantamweight Match
Jang Ik-Hwan def Jang Dae-Young by Unanimous Decision

80kg Catchweight Match
Kim Seung-Yeon def Ki No-Joo by TKO, R1 0:07

Openweight Match
Michel Pereira def Kim Dae-Sung by TKO, knees, R2

YOUNG GUNS 41 Official Results:

Middleweight Match
Yang Hae-Jun def Lim Dong-Hwan by Submission, key lock R1 2:30

64kg Catchweight Match
Jung Sang-Jin def Shin Seung-Min by TKO, knee, R2 1:15

Featherweight Match
Kim Tae-Sung def Hong Jung-Gi by TKO, kicks, R2 3:52

Bantamweight Match
Hwang Chang-Hwan def Lee Seong-Su by TKO, R2 3:56

Bantamweight Match
Park Su-Wan def Lee Jeong-Hyeon by Split Decision