LFA 60’s Clayton York On Short-Notice Title Fight Just Weeks After Daughter’s Birth

LFA 60
Credit: LFA

LFA 60’s Clayton York will fight for the promotion’s vacant light heavyweight title against Julius Anglickas on February 15. We spoke to him ahead of the title fight about taking the short-notice bout, and more.

In a sport as unpredictable as mixed martial arts, you have to seize your opportunities when they present themselves to you. Short notice fights may not be ideal, but they are often the catalyst that gets fighters their big break. Clayton York clearly gets that, which is why he’s fighting for a title this Friday.

“It’s kind of a short notice fight,” York told Cageside Press in a recent interview. “We’ve been cramming everything in these last few weeks, so I think we are going to be set to go.”

York is referring to his main event title fight at the upcoming LFA 60 in Clive, Iowa. Although it may not be ideal, York just couldn’t pass up the chance to become the LFA light heavyweight champion – short notice fight or not.

“I would always prefer a little more time just to be as ready as you can be,” York explained. “With this one [fight camp] we just didn’t have the opportunity. My daughter was born just two weeks ago, so this has been a rather unconventional few weeks here leading up to a fight.”

“With an opponent of this caliber and with an opportunity like this it’s kind of one of those that you just have to take.”

This is a big opportunity for York. LFA has a fantastic track record at sending champions off to the UFC. “C-4” knows what’s at stake on February 15 and he also knows about the man trying to take it all from him, Julius Anglickas.

“I’ve seen a little on him,” York joked. “He has a few fights online. Most of his fights are pretty short because he finishes guys in the first round. There is a little bit that we have been able to see. He is a good boxer, good straight punches, he is hard to read, and it looks like he has a good wrestling IQ.”

“It’s going to be challenging as they all are,” York continued. “Every fight is challenging once you get to a certain point in your career. This is going to be no exception.”

No doubt York will have his hands full against Anglickas. Both men are evenly matched. However, York does believe he is superior in one respect.

“At this point in my career I think I am a dominant grappler,” York said. “The weight class we’re at [205 pounds] is not really known for having highly skilled jiu-jitsu guys. I think I’m on the cusp of becoming one of those guys.”

Clayton York will fight Julius Anglickas for the vacant light heavyweight title at LFA 60 on February 15.