UFC: Conor McGregor Eyes Fight With “Crafty Veteran” Anderson Silva, Blasts Kelvin Gastelum

Conor McGregor UFC
Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Conor McGregor had kind words for Anderson Silva, and harsh criticism for Kelvin Gastelum following UFC 234 on Saturday.

Conor McGregor certainly has been keeping an eye on UFC events in 2019. Weeks after agreeing to a fight with Cowboy Cerrone following UFC Brooklyn, he let it be known that he was watching last night’s UFC 234. In fact, after seeing Anderson Silva’s performance against Israel Adesanya in the main event, McGregor has gone as far as suggesting a fight between the two.

Calling the Brazilian legend “one crafty, crafty Martial Artist,” McGregor wrote on Twitter that “You can only develop these methods through years of hard fought experience. Phenomenal performance. The crafty veteran. Big respect always.” Then added, “it would be an honor!” suggesting interest in being paired up with the legend.

Of course for now, the fight with Cowboy remains the one the UFC seems to be leaning towards. McGregor, however, is keeping his options open. Cowboy, Silva, and… Nate Diaz? Responding to the idea of Silva fighting Nick Diaz in his hometown of Curitiba, Brazil, at UFC 237, McGregor chimed in saying “Book it. I’ll fight Nate on it.”

One fighter McGregor showed no respect towards was Kelvin Gastelum, whose main event title challenge against Robert Whittaker was called off when the middleweight champ was rushed to surgery for a hernia. Gastelum was seen carrying a UFC championship belt at UFC 234, calling himself the 185lb champ because Whittaker had pulled out of the fight.

“Why is that worm holding the 185lb belt?” McGregor asked via Twitter. “There are worms crawling on his skin! It was absolutely ludicrous to even consider allowing him to compete. Let alone now walk around the arena shaking our fans hands. Someone sort this, this instant. And sterilize that belt. Immediately.”

The reference to worms and sterilizing the belt are due to staph issues Gastelum admitted he was dealing with heading into the fight — though he stated they would not stop him from competing.

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