UFC Milwaukee Results: Joaquim Silva Finishes Jared Gordon In All-Out War

Joaquim Silva UFC
Joaquim Silva Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Motioning to opponent Jared Gordon that he wanted to stand and trade in the third round, Joaquim Silva came out on top of in all-out war at UFC Milwaukee (UFC on FOX 31) on Saturday.

The double-edged sword of Jared Gordon’s incredible, and harrowing, personal journey is that each and every time he fights, the story becomes about his battle outside the cage. Coming back from addiction. Surviving multiple overdoses. It was certainly the case when we spoke to him ahead of UFC Milwaukee on Saturday, where he was returning against Brazil’s Joaquim Silva.

Yet a win for Gordon on Saturday was key if he wanted to regain the momentum he’d built in the lightweight division prior to a setback against Carlos Diego Ferreira earlier this year.

With the action getting underway, it was Gordon holding center early, attacking with kicks. Silva looked to counter, and circled away when in danger. Leg kicks, body kicks, high kicks, Gordon mixed up his attack. Silva, meanwhile, was putting some power into his left hand. Then, suddenly, Gordon tagged Silva, and immediately latched on with a standing choke that he used to take Silva to the ground. The Brazilian made it back up, but Gordon stayed on him, landing another couple of punches. Silva came charging back, but Gordon rocked him again with a rick! Standing elbows followed. Silva then went to the ground, possibly trying to pull guard though it looked like Gordon had plans to take the fight down anyway.

Silva, however, would come storming back late in the round. A right hand, a knee, and Godon was wobbled! He grabbed onto Silva’s legs, but Silva latched on with a guillotine attempt. Gordon was saved by the bell, however.

In the second, Gordon looked for a takedown early, that Silva stuffed with an excellent sprawl. A second takedown moments later was successful, however. That led to some top time for Gordon, though Silva refused to make it easy. Back on the feet, the pair were both landing as they exchanged, though Gordon mixed in another takedown attempt and some kicks. In the final minute, Silva would land a takedown of his own, trying for a late arm-bar attempt after Gordon couldn’t shake him off.

In the third, the back-and-forth battle continued. On the feet, Gordon was connecting with greater volume, but Silva maintained the edge in power. Silva then pointed to the floor, the age-old stand-and-bang motion. Gordon did, briefly, then shot for a takedown. Silva then began connecting, forcing Gordon back, tagging him time and again! Gordon ate a couple of serious bombs, and his head sagged to the side. He was out on his feet, and the ref called it off!

Joaquim Silva def. Jared Gordon by knockout, Round 3, 2:39


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