Pitbull Brothers Go Off on Bellator 212 Winners Michael Chandler, A.J. McKee

Patricky Pitbull Bellator MMA
Patricky Pitbull Credit: Bellator MMA

Patricio Pitbull and brother Patricky have no love lost for Michael Chandler, and they let it be known on Friday night after Chandler won the Bellator MMA lightweight title for the third time.

The Pitbull Brothers — that would be Patricio and Patricky Freire — have no love lost for Michael Chandler. That much is pretty well known. So when Chandler reclaimed his lightweight title at Bellator 212 on Friday night in Honolulu, Hawaii, you knew the pair would have something to say. As it turns out, both Patricio Pitbull, Bellator’s current featherweight champ, and Patricky Pitbull, a perennial lightweight contender who was previously defeated by Chandler, said lots.

Patricio, for one, went right after Chandler during the Bellator 212 main event. Chandler won a unanimous decision and did not lose a single round on any scorecard. The closest the now-three time lightweight champion came to danger was a second-round knockdown.

Pitbull, however, declared it a “sh*tty, ugly fight,” in which Chandler “lost on the feet” and was “afraid to strike with a guy that has no striking technique.”

Big brother Patricky, meanwhile, accused Chandler of steroid use. That has been a common refrain for the brothers in their ongoing feud with Chandler, though it’s worth noting that Chandler has never failed a drug test.

Patricky then went fishing for a title shot.

The Pitbull’s ire didn’t end with Chandler, however. Undefeated star A.J. McKee won his thirteenth straight fight in Bellator, improving his record to 13-0. Many see him as deserving of a chance against Patricio Pitbull for the featherwieght title. Pitbull, however, seems to disagree, suggesting McKee’s opponents have been “hand picked.”