Forced Out Of Yet Another Fight, Dominick Cruz Embodies Class In Message To Opponent John Lineker

Dominick Cruz UFC
Dominick Cruz Credit: Dave Mandel/

Dominick Cruz proved he could be the epitome of class act in a message to would-be opponent John Lineker, after Cruz was forced out of their bout.

It was deja vu all over again. Dominick Cruz, forced out of yet another fight. That was the story this week, as the former two-time bantamweight champion withdrew from a planned bout at UFC 233 against John Lineker. In the end, the entire card was scrapped, after no main event could be secured for the show, which had been announced for the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

Who knows when we’ll see Cruz (22-2) fight again. But in a message on Instagram directed at would-be opponent Lineker, he exemplified class.

“The deep respect I have for you as a human being outside of the octagon is one of the biggest reasons I was honored to have this fight with you,” Cruz wrote. “The opportunity would have been a great challenge for me next up in my career. I regret that I didn’t get the honor of competing against you on our set date.”

Referencing an apparently private exchange between the two, he continued by saying that “I appreciate you reaching out authentically from your heart with humility in your kind, powerful words.”

“Thank you for teaching ME what it looks like to be a whole-hearted inspiring human that looks at the 100,000 foot view, eliminating the self-focus concern that includes only selfish needs and interests.”

Cruz, who last fought in 2016, losing his title to Cody Garbrandt, has struggled with knee, arm, and other injuries over the years. His first title reign ended not in a loss, but after being stripped due to inactivity.

You can read the former bantamweight champion’s full statement below.