UFC Adelaide Results: Wilson Reis Outworks Ben Nyugen

Wilson Reis
Wilson Reis Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Flyweight staples Wilson Reis and Ben Nyugen put on a fantastic battle at UFC Adelaide, with Reis running a clinic on pressure fighting.

In what was likely one of the last flyweight fights in the history of the division in the UFC, Wilson Reis and Ben Nyugen went to war at UFC Adelaide. It’s worth noting that due to both fighters lack of success in their recent bouts, this was likely a fight where the loser could be cut. Reis had lost three in a row, while Nyugen lost his last fight against Jussier Formiga badly.

Round one at UFC Adelaide was mostly controlled by the grappling of the black belt Reis. Wilson looked for takedowns and scored a couple, and when he couldn’t get them he was still controlling Ben in the clinch. That’s not to say that Nguyen didn’t have any success however, as he landed a couple of nice reversals and body kicks on Reis.

Round two featured a similar attack from Reis. In the first minute he got Ben down and looked for his back, almost securing a choke. Nguyen, however, soon escaped. It seemed like Nyugen was gun shy as he looked for the perfect counter as Reis would come in, but he couldn’t find it. As the round came to a close it was very apparent that Reis was up two rounds to none.

The third was less of a clear round as the majority was on the feet. If only Nguyen could have forced the fight to stay standing earlier. Both men landed some good shots at times but it was Reis who seemed fresher, still piling on the pressure. Only one takedown was scored in the round for Reis, but he continued to outwork Nyugen. Just as he did the entire fight, something that likely saved his UFC career. Great rebound win for the former title challenger.

Wilson Reis def. Ben Nguyen by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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