TUF 28 Finale Results: Maurice Greene Earns A Little Redemption, Submits Michel Batista

UFC Octagon
UFC Octagon Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

TUF 28’s Maurice Greene was the bad guy on the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter, and he came up short in the competition. However, Greene earned a little redemption when he submitted Michel Batista early at the TUF 28 Finale on Friday in Las Vegas.

Maurice Greene didn’t exactly come off in the best of lights on The Ultimate Fighter 28. However, the heavyweight semi-finalist got get a chance to win his way into the UFC at the TUF 28 Finale despite losing the chance to win it all. He took on Michel Batista Friday in Las Vegas, who was TKO’d in his semi-final fight by Justin Frazier.

Greene had the reach advantage. He had the tools. And without the distractions of the reality show, he appeared to put everything together.

When action got underway, it was Greene forcing Batista onto the outside. Batista circled, as Green used his kicks and reach to keep his opponent at a distance. When Greene moved in to attack, however, Batista switched to a double leg. Greene stayed up briefly, attacking with elbows, but Batista sealed the deal moments later. A well-earned completion, putting Greene in Batista’s guard, but Greene, on the bottom, locked in a triangle. Batista practically froze, hand wavering as if trying to contemplate whether he was really going to tap in his UFC debut. However, unable to break free of the choke, he had no choice in the end but to tap or go out. He tapped, and Greene had the victory.

Maurice Greene def. Michel Batista by submission (triangle), Round 1, 2:14