Pros Stunned By Yair Rodriguez’s Last Second Finish of Korean Zombie at UFC Denver

Yair Rodriguez UFC Denver Jeremy Stephens
Yair Rodriguez Credit: Mike Straus/Cageside Press

The finish to the main event of UFC Denver, a bloody, incredible back-and-forth fight between Yair Rodriguez and The Korean Zombie, stunned even the pros, who had plenty to say as events transpired.

The UFC’s historic show in Denver on Saturday finished with a main event that will go down in history. In a Fight of the Year candidate, Yair Rodriguez and The Korean Zombie (properly Chan Sung Jung) battled for five rounds — all five, but one second. It was bloody. It was brutal. But thrilling. Creative. Both men showing tons of heart. Then, in the last second, Yair Rodriguez threw an elbow, essentially while bent over, ducking a punch. Like that, UFC Denver was over.

Rodriguez had fired off all sorts of spinning attacks through the evening. Zombie had eaten each and every one. He could not eat that final elbow, however. He went crashing to the canvas, limp, later to be helped to his feet, walking to the back for medical attention. Rodriguez, who was rocked repeatedly in the fight, had managed to pull off the most unlikely win, in highlight reel fashion.

The finish will be replayed for years. The entire fight should be, really. It wasn’t just fans who were stunned by the finish, either. Pros were absolutely stunned as well. See their reaction below!


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