UFC Moncton Results: Nasrat Haqparast Overwhelms Thibault Gouti

UFC Moncton Nasrat Haqparast
Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Nasrat Haqparast impressed at UFC Moncton, outstriking Thibault Gouti on his way to a unanimous decision victory.

The UFC made its return to Canada Saturday night for its Fight Night 138 event from Moncton, New Brunswick’s Avenir Centre. The third fight of the preliminary card saw a lightweight meeting of Thibault Gouti and Nasrat Haqparast in what was a scheduled three-round contest. Both fighters have seen mixed success inside of the Octagon with Gouti going 1-4 since joining the UFC and Haqparast entered the night with a 1-1 record.

Gouti was quick to take the center of the cage and Haqparast was showing off his movement until a short break due to an eye poke of Haqparast. Haqparast landed a big looping left once the action resumed. Gouti was quick to put the pressure back on and moved forward with Haqparast responding with a flurry of punches. Haqparast landed a left that dropped Gouti but he was quick to scramble back to his feet and survived. Gouti looked to recover quickly and began to fire back at Haqparast with multiple combinations and right hands to the body of Haqparast.

Gouti started the second round showing the damage from shots landed by Haqparast and he came out and opened up his striking. Gouti pressed the action, landing combinations and worked the uppercut. Haqparast fired back with another stiff left and he looked to land on Gouti’s body as well. Haqparast continued to land hard lefts on Gouti, who continued to walk through them until a hard body shot connected that back Gouti up. That only lasted a moment as Gouti applied the pressure back on Haqparast yet again. Haqparast looked to have hurt Gouti as the round came to and close with Gouti retreating after having lost a contact lens.

The final round looked to be more of the same as Gouti pressed the action but Haqparast landed more power shots that staggered Gouti. He recovered only to get hurt again by a crushing body shot. Gouti went on the run trying to survive and Haqparast chased as he fired off hard lefts looking to end the fight. Haqparast landed a staggering body kick followed by multiple uppercuts to a hurt Gouti that staggered the fighter and eventually sent him stumbling back and to the mat. Haqparast dove in and looked to end the fight as he dropped punches onto the downed Gouti. Gouti survived and made it back to his feet and surprisingly went right back to pressing the action. Gouti finished the round moving Haqparast back with a pair of flying knees.

Nasrat Haqparast def. Thibault Gouti by Unanimous Decision (29-27 29-28 30-26)