UFC Welterweight Abdul Razak Alhassan Indicted for Two Counts of Sexual Assault

Abdul Razak Alhassan UFC
Abdul Razak Alhassan Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Abdul Razak Alhassan, who knocked out Niko Price earlier this month at UFC 228, has been indicted on two counts of sexual assault following an incident in March, when he allegedly raped two female patrons of a bar he worked at as a bouncer.

On Monday, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that UFC welterweight Abdul Razak Alhassan had been indicted for sexual assault. The indictment stems from an incident in March, when Alhassan was working as a bouncer at a bar, the Varsity Tavern. According to the report from the Star-Telegram, Alhassan allegedly gave a ride home to two female patrons of the bar, one of whom was under the U.S. legal drinking age of 21.

According to statements the victims gave to police, Alhassan had given the pair (aged 20 and 22) a ride home in exchange for one of the girl’s phone numbers. Carrying the older girl, who had lost consciousness after a night of heavy drinking, into her bedroom, he proceeded to sexually assault the younger victim. She later told police that “she did not scream during the assault on her because her face was pushed into the bed. She also said she did not scream or try to help (the 22-year-old woman) after the defendant began assaulting her because she was so intoxicated she was still out of it and was trying to piece together what was going on as it was occurring.”

Alhassan then allegedly raped the older girl, which the younger victim witnessed. He then left the scene. The younger victim then called her mother, who would later collect evidence including a used condom, and turn it over to police. Both victims would attend John Peter Smith Hospital for sexual assault exams. That led to charges against Alhassan.

During a court appearance in May, Alhassan’s lawyer successfully argued to have a GPS monitor removed from his client to allow him to continue fighting, with the argument that the fighter had “achieved notable success in the MMA fighting realm and has come to depend on his MMA career as his main source of income.” A judge allowed the GPS monitor to be taken off outside Tarrant County, when training or fighting.

Alhassan, free on $20,000 bail since April, was indicted on two counts of sexual assault on Monday.

The UFC has yet to comment on the indictment. Alhassan fought earlier this month, knocking out Niko Price at UFC 228 in Dallas.


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