Bellator 205 Results: Veta Arteaga Submits Kickboxing Champ Denise Kielholtz with Standing Guillotine

Veta Arteaga and Denise Kielholtz ahead of Bellator 205
Veta Arteaga and Denise Kielholtz face off at the Bellator 205 weigh-ins Credit: Bellator 205

Veta Arteaga proved willing to engage on the feet with Bellator Kickboxing flyweight champ Denise Kielholtz at Bellator 205 on Friday. Yet when all was said and done, it was her submission game that got the job done.

Bellator Kickboxing women’s flyweight champion Denise Kielholtz was back in the cage on Friday at Bellator 205, looking to extend her MMA win streak to three. Opposite her in the cage in Boise, Idaho at the CenturyLink Arena was Veta Arteaga, who entered the night off a win over former title challenger Emily Ducote.

Artega had found success in Boise before, but could she handle the kickboxing pedigree of Kielholtz?

Veta Arteaga went right after Denise Kielholtz off the opening bell and took the back off a clinch. However, Kielholtz freed herself, and the pair got back to their feet. Arteaga then closed the distance again, trading with Kielholtz on the way in, then pressed her into the fence. While Kielholtz clearly had the better accuracy and crisper striking overall, Arteaga proved she was game to trade with the kickboxing expert.

The second round saw more exchanges, and Arteaga moving side-to-side early before again closing the distance for a clinch. Kielholtz easily broke free, and they re-engaged. However, as with the first round, Arteaga would manage to get the fight down briefly, again taking the back. Kielholtz nearly escaped, was caught again, but finally broke free. To that point, Veta Arteaga had succeed in making the fight a dirty, gritty affair. However, Kielholtz then decided to go the takedown route, with Arteaga defending with a guillotine. They’d go back to the feet, with Kielholtz still trapped, and Arteaga managed to force the tap while standing!

Veta Arteaga def. Denise Kielholtz by submission (standing guillotine), Round 2, 4:24